Transition Planning

Farm Succession Planning: The Most Important Conversation You Need To Have

farm succession planning If you are a farm owner, no matter who you are, one day you will sell your business. Whether it is voluntarily or involuntarily, a sale will eventually occur. The important question is, do you know who is going to buy it?

Farm succession planning is extremely important, yet it is very common that these critical conversations just simply never occur.  We have many clients in the agriculture industry that often own one or more agricultural assets including wineries & vineyards, orchards, general agriculture & farmland, etc. and they too struggle with having this most important conversation around succession planning.… Continue reading

I Want To Sell My Business, What’s It Worth?

How To Value Your CompanyWhen it’s time to buy or sell, you’ll need to know how to value your company.

Kelowna, BC is one of the most desirable places to live in all of Canada. People from all across the country are regularly looking for an opportunity so they can move here. Most will come here and start a business or find an existing business to purchase.

The question I always get from my clients is “what is my business worth” or “how much should I pay for this business I am interesting in buying.” Let me start by saying I have certified business… Continue reading

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