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Explaining Audits in Canada: Statute of Limitations

statute of limitationsIf the CRA is assessing an older year of yours that is closely approaching the end of the assessment term, you may receive a request to surrender your right to the Statute of Limitations if you need some additional time to provide CRA with all of their requests for information.

If you don’t sign it, that means Revenue Canada has to act quickly to assess it, otherwise they run into the Statute of Limitations. If you sign it, you are giving up your right to using the Statute of Limitations as a reason why their assessment might be wrong in… Continue reading

The Dirty Truth About RRSP Contributions For Business Owners

rrsp contributions for business ownersKelowna accountant, Ken Davidson, gives advice on RRSP contributions for business owners.

I generally don’t recommend RRSP contributions for business owners because of the restrictions in the investments that can be made within an RRSP and that the minimum amounts that have to be withdrawn in retirement are out of your control. What I recommend for business owners is to have a holding company for their investments and they can hold the exact same investments that they hold in their RRSPs, if that’s what they want to invest in.

The business owners do not have to withdraw cash from… Continue reading

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