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How To Effectively Structure Your Real Estate Investments

ID-100313509One of the most popular articles on real estate I’ve written is about properly setting up the structure for real estate investments from three years ago. It’s caused some controversy since then and I was recently asked if my opinion has changed. Before I get into that, let me tell you a bit about my philosophy on setting up and structuring real estate investments.

I recommend what I call a three-tiered system that consists of:

  • Operating Company – Setup to control the business operation and your day-to-day project management. All your active business components are within this company and also… Continue reading

How To Deal With A Real Estate Catastrophe

ID-10039279Have you ever considered what could happen if a disaster occurred with one of the properties in your real estate portfolio?

I received a phone call in the middle of the night not too long ago that was enough to take anyone out of the deepest slumber. I was informed that one of our buildings were on fire. My first concern was making sure all of my tenants were safe and we were very fortunate to not have any injuries. A building can be replaced but the people inside it cannot.

I then went online and watched the fireman putting… Continue reading

How Do You Define A Good Deal In Real Estate?

real-estate-investingAs a real estate advisor, one of the first thing investors ask me in casual conversation is, “Where are all the good deals coming from these days?” Anyone who knows me well enough, knows these types of questions are bound to open a can of worms. Much to the asker’s chagrin, I’ll always counter with an unsatisfying answer, posed as a question: That depends. How do YOU define a good deal? Continue reading

The Pros & Cons of Renting Vs Buying Real Estate

ID-100200138In uncertain economic times, it can be tough to know when and where is the right time to invest. When it comes to renting vs buying real estate, which is best? Kelowna accountant and real estate advisor Ken Davidson addresses the topic in this blog but the answer isn’t quite so simple.

Someone recently asked me how I thought the baby boomers were going to affect the real estate market. Although there is a difference between Canada and the US on this subject, I believe that we are coming up on a generation of renters, especially in the US and… Continue reading

Selling Your Home – For Sale By Owner? Think Again.

for sale by ownerI personally believe that there are professionals out there to do most jobs. I think that if you really want to become a professional real estate agent, then considering selling your home For Sale By Owner is a good idea. If you are just dabbling and considering doing a For Sale By Owner situation, then you’re forgetting who you are in your profession.

You’ve got to understand why you’re doing it.

The reason I hear of people wanting to do For Sale By Owner is because it’s “cheaper”. Doing your own tax returns is cheaper too but I don’t recommend… Continue reading

The Key To Choosing Your Business Advisors

Business AdvisorGetting advice from people that can actually give you good advice is easier said than done.  I talk about “bar room business advice” all the time and it can be a difficult experience when I get someone walking into my office saying, “Well, my friend said this” or “I heard that”. Everyone’s situation is different and it’s the same when it comes to choosing a business advisor as well.

Ask yourself a couple questions before choosing a business advisor…

Do you trust your business advisor? Trust is key in any relationship.

Do you have a connection with your business advisor?… Continue reading

How To Buy More Property With Little Cash

Kelowna AccountantKelowna accountant, Ken Davidson, a real estate investor himself, shares his thoughts on using leverage to purchase real estate.

Once the real estate bug bites you, it’s tough not to start considering great prospects for new real estate investments. The common issue I see with most people is the trouble with knowing when you are overextending yourself and taking on too much risk. When you are using leverage, it’s often for the possibility of a high return on investment but you must be careful.

Related: Taking A Risk In Business: What Your Kelowna Accountant Won’t Say

Understanding Your… Continue reading

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