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How To Choose The Right Real Estate Investment Strategies

Real Estate Investment StrategiesAnswer: An investment where cash flows, has no problems, makes you money and increases in value. How’s that?

There are a couple of different types of real estate investment strategies to familiarize yourself with:

  1. Flipping
  2. Buy & Hold

Flipping Property

My definition of flipping is when you buy a property, fix the place up, make it a nicer piece of property and sell it for more money. Now I believe that flipping is high risk, but that is the Ken Davidson definition of risk. Everyone’s risk level will vary according to his or her skill-set, interests and goals. Keep… Continue reading

Should You Buy Property Just Because It’s A Good Deal?

Real Estate Investment StrategiesWith all the great deals we are being inundated with coming from the United States, the pressure is on to figure out the best real estate investment strategies while the deals last. Ken Davidson, local Kelowna accountant, gives his insights on assessing the quality of a “great deal” in real estate.

We have all seen and heard about the great deals coming from south of the border but is buying that property really what you want to do?

Whatever you do, you always have to make sure that it’s still a good business decision on your behalf. I have… Continue reading

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