I Want To Sell My Business, What’s It Worth?

How To Value Your CompanyWhen it’s time to buy or sell, you’ll need to know how to value your company.

Kelowna, BC is one of the most desirable places to live in all of Canada. People from all across the country are regularly looking for an opportunity so they can move here. Most will come here and start a business or find an existing business to purchase.

The question I always get from my clients is “what is my business worth” or “how much should I pay for this business I am interesting in buying.” Let me start by saying I have certified business… Continue reading

3 Simple Ways To Grow Your Business

A good Kelowna accountant can help you grow your businessDoes it feel like you have “hit a ceiling” when it comes to ideas on how to grow your business? Have you reached a comfortable position with your business but perhaps now you’re ready to push it to the next level?

Every business is different but there are some ways to grow your business that are applicable in EVERY industry.

Creating Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances are very important for your business and the key to building them is to be a great match. When I say you need to be a match, “1+1=2” is NOT good enough. When you think… Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Your Kelowna Accountant

What do you look for when choosing a new Kelowna accountant?

5 Questions to Ask When Looking For a New Kelowna Accountant

Do you feel like you should be saving more on your taxes? Maybe you’ve heard about tax loopholes before but you’re wondering why you haven’t been able to take advantage of any yet. Choosing the right Kelowna accountant can be tricky since you want to find someone who is qualified, but also understands your business strategy.

Here’s a list of 5 important questions you should ask your Kelowna accountant.

1. How will your practice help me develop my business?

You will see the most gains when you have an… Continue reading

4 Ways to Keep Your Kelowna Business Competitive

Keeping your Kelowna business competitive

How are you keeping your Kelowna business competitive?

Have you been trying to find new ways to keep your Kelowna business competitive? Even with the current state of our economy there are still many companies who are thriving. Last week on Twitter I mentioned that some of the most successful companies started during a recession through innovation. Although innovation is a major component, there are a few other key things that you can start implementing right away to give you an edge against your competition.

“There’s no traffic on the extra mile.”

Seek out every possible opportunity to go above… Continue reading

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