8 Steps To Making Your Business Growth-Friendly

real estate investingThinking big is important but when your business is just getting started, it can be easy to forget to implement processes that will help you grow later on. Even if you’ve already been in business a while, it’s not too late to start making your business more growth-friendly.

Here are 8 ways to get you moving in the right direction:

1. Review your renumeration strategies

When discussing renumeration strategies we need to look at things such as whether dividends or salary should be paid and how your share structure is setup. Don’t just let your strategy follow what you did… Continue reading

Revenue Canada Audit: 5 Steps To Get You Through It

Revenue Canada AuditEvery Revenue Canada audit is different but generally my first comment to people is to try not to get too stressed about it. It’s a process and a part of Revenue Canada’s continuing efforts to ensure the right amount of taxes are paid. They’re not picking on you even though most people tend to feel like that is the case.

There could have been a red flag that popped up or a particular reason why it came up on their end, but quite often there is just a lot of random, annual audits.

The first thing that generally happens… Continue reading

3 Tips For Quickly Increasing Cash Flow

increasing cash flowKelowna accountant, Ken Davidson, gives a few tips to entrepreneurs that will quickly help them with increasing cash flow in their business.

Obviously increasing cash flow in your business is extremely important. Without enough cash flow, you’re going to have problems. The businesses that generally run into cash flow issues are those that require significant amounts of inventory. For example, the service industry very rarely tends to have a cash flow problem other than collections.

Come to think of it, let’s talk about collections because that is the first way you can start increasing cash flow.

Are You… Continue reading

Official HST Transitional Rules Announced To Begin Phasing Out

HST Transition RulesThe big buzz in BC right now is centered around the HST transitional rules for the tax’s elimination in the province after a short reign. Overwhelming public outcry led to a referendum resulting in favour of cutting the controversial tax and now the real confusion has begun for many businesses.

The HST is a combination of the 5% federal tax and a 7% provincial tax that will be replaced by its predecessors, GST & PST, on April 1, 2013. The changes released by the province will affect home builders and their customers and BDO Canada has addressed this in a… Continue reading

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