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Real Estate Investing: Review Of The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan

real estate investing

This week I wanted to highlight a great book on real estate investing called The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan: Proven Investment Strategies To Kickstart & Build Your Portfolio by Peter Kinch.

One of the reasons I read these books is to increase my knowledge of what other people are reading and expose myself to other trains of thought to help me inspire my clients, (and myself), to be better with their own investments.

The book is perfectly titled because it’s a step-by-step plan on how to really move yourself into real estate investing. I’ve written many articles in… Continue reading

Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine: A Review For Investors

Canadian Real Estate Wealth MagazineFirst off, I have to say that I am not being paid by or am I affiliated in any way with the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.  I legitimately believe in the strength of this publication as a knowledge resource for the greater real estate investing community in Canada. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

This weekend I read the latest edition of the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and I like to reference this magazine a lot in my blog because I do believe it’s an important publication for people who are in involved in real… Continue reading

How Can I Get More Knowledge About Real Estate Investing?

Canadian Real Estate Wealth MagazineAs a business advisor, I frequently get asked what people need when they aspire to get into real estate investing and where they can get more knowledge on the business. My first question when I get asked that is, “Do you currently subscribe to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine?” If the answer is no, I tell them that is the first place they should start.

The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine is an extremely well written publication for people that want to get into real estate investing in Canada. Whenever a new… Continue reading

Real Estate Flipping: How To Reduce The Risk

real estate flippingI’ve expressed a couple times in the past on my blog that I’m not a big fan of real estate flipping, and that is totally about my own level of risk tolerance. However, The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine published an interesting article with “The Top 10 Tips For Would-Be Flippers” and it’s interesting because those tips that they’ve put in there are specifically to reduce the risks that concern me about real estate flipping.

1. Secure Financing Before You Look At Houses

The first thing they mention is to secure financing before you look at the houses… Continue reading

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