Okanagan Wineries

6 Great Okanagan Wineries

Barrels in okanagan wineriesWhen living in the Okanagan, you become accustomed to a few luxuries that are as abundant as the Christmas lights, mid-December. We are blessed with great sunny summers, beautiful beaches and fantastic golfing season. But that’s not all, we are also amongst some of the best wineries in Canada.

Okanagan wineries are actually among some of the finest in the world and the great fruit that grows in the valley throughout the season compliments them. I must stress this list I’ve compiled here is not in any particular order and is not the end-all, be-all. What I can safely… Continue reading

What Okanagan Wineries Can Do To Become More Profitable

A beautiful view of Okanagan wineries through a wine glassOkanagan wine writer John Schreiner says the number of Okanagan wineries grew five-fold in a decade, and that a slowdown in growth could already be here—as evidenced by reduced harvests (as low as less than half of previous harvests) last year.

Okanagan wineries are still profitable though. However, like any business they must plan to ensure they stay that way.

Quoting a report by Simon Fraser University political scientists Andy Hira and Alexis Bwenge titled “The Wine Industry in British Columbia: A Closed Wine But Ready for Harvest,” Schreiner pointed out several vulnerabilities for Okanagan wineries that can cause major… Continue reading

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