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How Your Kelowna Business Can Avoid Competing On Price

Kelowna business competitng on priceAs a Kelowna business you may be experiencing some fierce competition with a small population to rely on for sales and revenue. The appeal of quickly establishing yourself in the market by pricing low can be quickly dispelled by the reality of its many downsides.

I do not personally believe price should be the primary factor that distinguishes you from your competition. Some industries don’t have a choice so it is inevitable that there will be a few exceptions.

How Are You Going To Be Different?

Differentiation is what you need to be working on. When I say differentiation, I’m… Continue reading

Getting Your Kelowna Business Ready To Sell

Start with the end in mind when starting your Kelowna business

Are you thinking about selling your Kelowna business or even retiring? Maybe your business is doing great but your heart isn’t in it anymore. Whatever the reason might be, selling your business can be a very fruitful, albeit stressful, experience. Selling your Kelowna business doesn’t have to be an agonizing process as long as you take the right steps to make sure the sale is goes in your favour.

Here’s 4 Tips for Selling Your Kelowna Business

1. Begin With The End In Mind

Many business owners don’t think… Continue reading

Kelowna Accountant Helping Businesses Become More Profitable

As a Business Strategist and Chartered Accountant in Kelowna I have started this blog to help Kelowna businesses and business owners all across British Columbia learn new strategies to increase their revenues and decrease their taxes.

It is my mission to help grow our economy across the Okanagan and all of British Columbia, by helping small and medium sized businesses have more success.

In this blog I will be sharing articles each week on a variety of subjects such as:

  • How to have a lean start-up that moves to profitability quickly
  • How to save more money in taxes by knowing… Continue reading
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