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Kelowna Business Mixer & Information Session – Nov. 19, 2014

BDO invites you to join us for an enjoyable Business Mixer and Informational Evening about our Human Bonspiel Kelowna Corporate Challenge.

On November 19th from 5 – 7 pm, BDO Canada will be showing off their Canadian spirit and holding a Business Mixer and fun information session about their January, 2015 Human Bonspiel in support of the Rotary Centre for the Arts.

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Good Stress Vs. Bad Stress & Why It’s Good To Have Both

stick figure business man wearing suit slouched over the word stressEverybody is stressed these days. Whether it’s personal stress or business stress…we’re all feeling it. This is especially true when you’re by yourself in business!

A frequent problem I witness is that a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have outlets to relieve their pent up stress. I’m not a psychologist but we’re always going to have stress…my belief is that it’s about having the right amount and the right kind of stress.

We just finished wrapping up what is the busiest part of the year in my industry and the perception from those around me can sometimes be that things… Continue reading

How To Take A New Approach In Your Business & Be Happier

kelowna accountantThis year I decided to shake things up in my Kelowna accounting firm and completely change the way I operate. Although I’ve worked as a Kelowna accountant for several years, most of my clients come to me for much more than tax advice and number crunching.

This became a strange juxtaposition when I realized that I was spending too much time buried in the numbers of my own business.

Break Routines That Don’t Model Growth

What happens to entrepreneurs is that over the years you continue to work in your business, work in your business and keep working in your… Continue reading

How Great Family Business Empires Are Built [EVENT]

As entrepreneurs, we tend to look up to some of the greatest businesses out there for guidance or as a standard for where to place “the bar”. Walmart, Estee Lauder, IKEA…these are all enormous family dynasties that are sure to last several generations to come. The one dire question continues to plague all ambitious entrepreneurs alike: how can I build an empire with my business?


There is a special event coming up on December 5, 2012 in Kelowna, BC hosted by BDO and YOU are invited.


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5 Considerations When Moving Your Business To The Okanagan

kelowna accountantKelowna accountant and business advisor Ken Davidson gives advice to entrepreneurs that are looking to move their businesses to Kelowna or the Okanagan Valley.

Depending on where you are moving from, there are a few things that are a bit unique about moving to the Okanagan, such as the costs associated with living here in Kelowna. It’s fairly well known that Kelowna isn’t the cheapest place in the country to live and that affects quite a few different factors.


1. Can You Build Your Team Here?kelowna accountant

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3 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement

customer engagementIn today’s business climate it is so important to take care of your customers better than you ever have before.

It’s important to continuously engage your customers  and have as many touch points as possible. Find more ways to connect with your customers. For example companies that are engaging regularly with their customers using social media are seeing an increase in consumer loyalty.


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3 Ways To Improve Customer Engagement

1. Embrace technology

You have to go where your clients are, so if that means getting with the digital… Continue reading

Doing Your Due Diligence When Purchasing A Business

kelowna businessKelowna accountant, Ken Davidson, reviews his process for due diligence when purchasing a business.

In Kelowna, so many people travel from all across the country to live here because it’s such a desirable location to settle down. In turn, we attract many entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs that are constantly thinking about what type of business they can purchase in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

I had a question come into me from a reader last week asking about what I recommend in the due diligence process when purchasing a business. I wanted to address this in my blog since it… Continue reading

What Are The Business Benefits To Going Green?

Business Benefits of Going GreenAre there any business benefits to going green?

This is an interesting topic because the definition of a “green company” is different for everyone and I think if you’re interested in a green company, you need to define your own definition of green. I truly believe this is extremely important because a lot of people are advertising and pushing their green status but the reality is many may not truly be “Green” depending upon your definition of it.

At the end of the day, you still have to run your business like a business, aka-making money, so you have… Continue reading

I Want To Sell My Business, What’s It Worth?

How To Value Your CompanyWhen it’s time to buy or sell, you’ll need to know how to value your company.

Kelowna, BC is one of the most desirable places to live in all of Canada. People from all across the country are regularly looking for an opportunity so they can move here. Most will come here and start a business or find an existing business to purchase.

The question I always get from my clients is “what is my business worth” or “how much should I pay for this business I am interesting in buying.” Let me start by saying I have certified business… Continue reading

Can Your Kelowna Business Keep Up With Your Lifestyle?

Kelowna accountantsThe best part about owning a Kelowna business is getting to live in Kelowna! Not many other small cities have the luxury of so many beautiful natural amenities to compliment a thriving community.

Many Kelowna business owners ask me how much money they should draw from their company. I’ve seen many people before coming to me rack up hefty amounts of personal debt while putting their business at extreme risk and taking out more than it can sustain to maintain their lifestyle.


The bottom line is that if your business cannot support your lifestyle, then there needs to be… Continue reading

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