Ken Davidson, C.A., CFP, Business Growth

I am a business growth strategist and chartered accountant in Kelowna, BC dedicated to helping my clients grow their business and wealth.

My clients all consider me to be much more than your “typical accountant” as I have a very unique perspective of providing advice to my clients to help them grow their businesses. My years of experience as an chartered accountant, business owner, corporate VP and real estate investor enables me to give valuable insight to my clients.

The clients that I work with look to me as their trusted advisor, someone that is part of their management team when making the big decisions that will impact their business.

I love to help my clients grow their businesses regardless of whether they are in the start-up stage or a more established business looking for increased profits.  I also really enjoy helping real estate investors and real estate developments set up structures that minimize their risk and tax liability.

I am very passionate about what I do and thrive on being a part of my clients’ success. I have mentored, managed, coached and trained hundreds of business leaders and professionals throughout my career, and am a firm believer of the PAY IT FORWARD principle in both my business and personal life.

I currently live in beautiful Kelowna, BC, Canada operating out of the Kelowna accounting firm BDO, offering accounting and business consulting services.

~Ken Davidson, Chartered Accountant, Business Growth Strategist, Real Estate Investor, Kelowna, BC

What People Are Saying About Ken

“Ken and I worked together at BDO for many years. I have seen few people as dedicated to the growth and the success of their clients as Ken is. As one of the original Rainmakers at BDO, he truly practices the Rainmaker principles of a trusted advisor.”

~Gordon Lee, National Marketing Director, BDO Canada

“As a fellow Rotarian I would like to express my sincere thanks for Ken’s continued dedication to his family, profession and community. Ken is a proud and wonderful father, passionate about his profession by always working hard to stay on top of his game so he can be the best that he can be for his clients and at the same time he continues to give back in so many ways to help make our community a safer and better place for all! Also, really appreciate Ken’s positive personality and great sense of humour! Thanks Ken for being who you are!!” 

~Ron Cannan, Member of Parliament, Kelowna-Lake Country

“Ken has provided excellent advice and tremendous support for FMS Flight Motion Simulators Inc. over the last 3.5 years. He is a great resource for technology companies in the Okanagan.” 

~Diana Groffen, Kelowna, BC

“At a time when over promising and under-performing is often the norm Ken is a brilliant exception. As a highly skilled, always trustworthy and totally reliable member of our company team, Ken has consistently provided thoughtful, creative guidance and the kind of insightful management advice we have come to rely on. 

For us good is not good enough. We want exceptional. And for almost ten years that is what Ken has provided. We whole heartedly and unreservedly recommend him. “

~Christopher R Marshall, President, Answers for HR, A Division of Redesigned Systems Inc.

“I have hired Ken to work with different businesses I have been involved with and recommended him to several others. Ken is much more than just an accountant. He has a wealth of business experience and is an excellent strategic thinker who offers great advice and alternative solutions.”

~Vern Nielsen, Kelowna, BC

“I’ve had joint client meetings with Ken, and have been very impressed with his ability to assess clients needs and opportunities from a variety of perspectives. He is a solution provider that seeks to fully understand a company’s position and objectives before offering valued added suggestions and advice. He has played a key role in helping business owners succeed and I feel comfortable referring clients to him. Besides his strategic thinking, he shares a sincere interest in helping Okanagan businesses achieve their goals and increase their profitability.”

~Brian Kemp, Senior Account Manager, Business Development Bank of Canada

“Ken he been a valued member of my executive team for a while. I have relied on Ken as a business advisor to help me create and grow my business. His forward thinking has saved me time, money and opportunity. 

I’ve recommended Ken to a number of my own clients with similar success in their own practice or businesses. He has proven to me that he will work with his clients to really help them take their business to the next level.”

~Steve Nicholson, Kelowna, BC

“I have been a personal client of Kens in the past and Ken continues to be a valued business/referral partner for me and my team. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ken to any business owner that is looking for more than just an accountant, but a highly experienced and trusted advisor that works with his clients to help them take their business to the next level of success.”

~Jay Dowhaniuk, Kelowna, BC

“Ken has been much more than an accountant to me. Yes he has saved me lots of money in taxes, but what I value most about Ken is the strategic thinking and advice he has given me to grow my business. Ken is not just my accountant he truly is my trusted business advisor and strategist. I recommend Ken to any business owner that is looking to grow their business and save money on taxes!” 

~Melonie Dodaro, Top Dog Social Media, Kelowna, BC

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