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Do You Need a Business Advisor & How Much Should It Cost?

image1 copyWe all have people in our lives that push us to be better versions of ourselves, whether it’s business or personal related. Coaches, mentors and advisors are some of the incarnations of these people; some you pay, some you don’t. As far as I’m concerned, they all fall into the same category.

Your best advisors might not cost you a dime because they’re in your back pocket. In my case, I was really lucky to have my father.

My father was an entrepreneur and businessman that coached me at the beginning of my career. No, I didn’t pay him!

As… Continue reading

Science Says Entrepreneurs Need a Vacation

design copy 2You don’t have to search very long to find a study that adds credibility to the fact that vacations aren’t just essential for giving you a much needed break, they actually make you work harder and more productive when you get back.

This is not a foreign concept by any stretch of the imagination. Henry Ford himself recognized the diminishing returns that came from making employees work six days instead of five, eventually re-instating a five-day work week.

Heck, there are even studies showing business owners can become better entrepreneurs by taking a vacation. So why is it… Continue reading

A Million Dollars Isn’t The Answer To Your Problems


If only I had a million dollars…have you said this before?

When people say they want to be a millionaire, it doesn’t just mean they want a million dollars in the bank. They want to be free.

The funny thing is that having a million dollars doesn’t necessarily mean you will have reached that level of freedom you fantasize about. You want to stop worrying about paying the bills every month and having to keep track of how much you spend but a million dollars won’t change those things.

I still worry about paying bills on a monthly… Continue reading

Drones: Communal and Civil Purposes

Drones: Communal and Civil Purposes

A Glance into the Advantages and Disadvantages of the use

Unmanned Arial Motor vehicle (AUB) otherwise known as drones are aircrafts controlled slightly by so-generally known as pilots for monitoring and reconnaissance.dissertation conclusion help Although some are being used firmly for surveillance needs, there are many who are furnished with bombs and missiles. Quite a few dialogues and considerations have actually been heightened in regards to the performance and downsides of drones. Though it may be reported to be mostly used for surveillance, exactly where serious sites will be observed for explore, keep tabs on trafficking over edges and arrive at farfetched set wherever people today would see difficult to get through to, additionally there is a matter in the other capabilities utilizes of drones which include armed drones for warfare and attack of online privacy. Continue reading

5 Solutions For Contractors That Struggle With Proposals

designDo you ever find yourself stuck in an endless loop of proposals when trying to acquire new business? Do you feel like you’re spending too much time on proposals and not enough time actually making money?

You may often find yourself doing a written proposal before signing an actual agreement and depending on how well you’ve dialled in this process for your business, it can be very time consuming.

This can occasionally even get out of hand and you’ll find yourself wasting more time than it’s worth for that contract you’re going after. Some of the problems are out of… Continue reading

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