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How To Say NO To New Business

designThere are good problems and there are bad problems. Struggling to find a way to say “NO” to new business definitely falls into the category of good problems…but that doesn’t always make it easy.

I had a young entrepreneur recently ask me how he should gracefully let down a potential client. He got a bad feeling that it could end up being more trouble than it’s worth but was struggling with how to let them down. Knowing that they’re not the type to take no for an answer, he felt the need justify to them why he didn’t want the… Continue reading

How To Spot a Bad Business Deal…Before It’s Too Late

ID-100220274It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, there’s a very good chance you’ve encountered at least one bad business deal at some point along the way. The old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” holds a lot of weight here because what you see in the beginning is seldom an indication of what you’ll find after you do some digging.

That’s not to say all business deals are bad but you do need to be vigilant as an entrepreneur and investor when it’s your hard earned dollars on the line.

So how do you spot a bad business… Continue reading

REVIEW: The Little Book of Real Estate Investing In Canada

little book of real estate investing in canadaI really enjoy a nice, easy reading business book every now and then that let’s me relax while learning something. When I picked up The Little Book of Real Estate Investing In Canada, I quickly realized that author Don Campbell had written something that was right up my alley. I’m familiar with Don’s work and this one is a bit different for him.

The title should immediately tell you what’s good and bad about this book, right off the bat. The good is that it’s a little book. The bad is…it’s a little book.

If you’re looking to read… Continue reading

Finding a Share Structure That Works For Your Business

share structureShare structures are like businesses, personalities and people; every one is different and requires a unique approach. It’s a lot more simple when there’s only one owner but having a partnership adds some additional layers of complexity.

Will you own the same class of shares or different classes of shares? Will you have a holding company inside the corporation? These are questions you need to work with your accountant to answer to come up with the right plan for you before passing it off to a lawyer to finish off the job.

Factors To Consider

How do we determine which… Continue reading

How To Find The Perfect Price For Your Services & Products

Bill_Cullen_The_Price_Is_Right_1963Is there a perfect price for your product or services? Probably…but are you ever going to get it? The answer is probably not.

With pricing, you will (almost) always either be too high or too low and never bang on. This goes for whether you are providing a service or selling a product.

The Art of Pricing a Product

Truthfully, it’s probably easier to come up with a price for a product because there is usually a comparable. A comparable can refer to a competitor, competition or even the same product.

When you think about selling a product and determining… Continue reading

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