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3 Steps To Killing Stress Before It Kills You First

ID-100310122No matter who you are or what your profession is, we all have a certain amount of stress. Of course there is “good stress” and then there’s bad stress, aka the kind that erodes your ability to think clearly and live happily. The thing is that the stress spectrum looks different for each individual and everyone has their own way of dealing with it.

So how do you find your way of dealing with it?

1. Recognize The Stress

If there is one takeaway here, it’s that you have to recognize stress within yourself. That’s key. People have different signals… Continue reading

How To Manage Unnecessary Accounting Costs

ID-100248452Have you ever had an unpleasant surprise when receiving a bill from your accountant? A lack of organization could be costing you money but the good news is it’s a fixable problem.

Every business is unique and has different practices that they believe in along with their own philosophy on how things should be implemented. Those in charge of making decisions should always be on the look out for ways to ensure the business is organized; you shouldn’t be bleeding money in the long run on things like restructuring or re-organizing because processes weren’t implemented right to begin with.

Compliance… Continue reading

The Scarcity Mentality Is Destroying Your Business

ID-100263931Whether you’re new or an established business, there are often situations where you don’t want to take on a particular client but feel like you can’t turn away the money. I was chatting with a young entrepreneur recently who was struggling with this very problem and wanted some advice.

In his particular case, he already has a “prize pony” client that hits all the marks for what anyone would consider a great client but the issue begins with some of the other leads coming in, as they tend to have smaller budgets and higher demands.

Different sized companies will have… Continue reading

Should You Check Your Notice of Assessments From The CRA?

ID-100256845I recently came across an article at CTV News discussing the results of an internal CRA survey conducted in late 2013. The survey showed that CRA agents incorrectly answered 25% of business inquiries.

Now I can’t speak to that number personally (or it’s accuracy) but there’s a separate issue that entrepreneurs need to be aware of: many are not checking (and double checking) their notice of assessments. There’s always a chance mistakes were made and people are human. Whether it’s corporate or personal, always pass your notice of assessment by your tax advisor to have a look at it… Continue reading

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