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How To Help Your Clients By Asking The Right Questions

ID-10063346When you’re working with a client to help them improve their business results, do you come off as judgmental or inquisitive?

Questions are an extremely important tool for you to uncover the challenges your client suffers from but sometimes we can give the wrong impression. This happened to me recently when dealing with a year-end for a client after following up for months to keep them on track for the final cutoff date of December 31st.

Back Away From Judgment

I had been in touch with my client nearly every month through out the year, sending a list… Continue reading

Why You Should Calculate Your Net Worth Every Year

ID-100220258Every time we turn the corner into a New Year, everybody starts setting goals and creating their resolutions for the year. Love it or hate it, it’s just something that we do.

January is a great time to think about your goals since December 31st is a hard cut off for a lot of different reports including your investment statements. It’s a perfect time to get a snapshot of where you are from a business and financial perspective by calculating net worth.

How To Estimate Your Net Worth

There are three things you need to do to be able… Continue reading

3 Tough Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Ask Themselves

ID-10096266I recently had a business owner come in to have us do a general evaluation of his business to see where it was going and, more importantly, where he wanted it to go in the future.

Running a successful engineering firm, this individual is highly intelligent, very open-minded and has a successful track record in his industry. That’s why it was so strange when he had difficulty answering some very basic questions about himself and his business.

I realized afterwards that there are three major questions every entrepreneur must ask themselves throughout the course of running their business. They might… Continue reading

Is It Possible To Build A Business That Runs Itself?

ID-100262363A client recently asked me how they could build a business that runs itself. A beautiful concept isn’t it? The problem is that I don’t believe it’s actually possible to build such a business.

Yes, there are absentee owners and businesses that do operate like that but to be truly successful in business, you have to be involved. And yes, I don’t expect that comment to be met without some controversy, but I stand by it.

The Difference Between Efficient & Automatic

A great business has systems and processes that make it run more efficiently, ultimately depending less on the… Continue reading

5 Must-Read Business Articles From 2014

TheOne thing I really enjoy about the New Year is looking back at the previous year to celebrate successes and then strategize on how the take it to the next level. Part of this self-reflection process involves looking back at the content put out here at Business Growth Strategies. It was exciting to see which articles resonated most with readers so I compiled a list of the top five most popular pieces based on social media shares.

Unless you’re a truly dedicated fan, there’s a good chance you haven’t read a few of these. All the information here is as… Continue reading

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