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How Do You Define A Good Deal In Real Estate?

real-estate-investingAs a real estate advisor, one of the first thing investors ask me in casual conversation is, “Where are all the good deals coming from these days?” Anyone who knows me well enough, knows these types of questions are bound to open a can of worms. Much to the asker’s chagrin, I’ll always counter with an unsatisfying answer, posed as a question: That depends. How do YOU define a good deal? Continue reading

Unproductive Meetings Cost 31 Hours A Month Per Employee

ID-100262521A study conducted by Atlassian suggests that 31 hours a month are wasted on unproductive meetings per employee. The worst part is that I’m not even surprised.

Having a meeting for a meeting’s sake has always been a problem. There’s no question that I’ve seen it happen with many companies and it’s a really easy trap to fall into causing two predicaments:

  1. The people attending the meeting aren’t listening to you present because they’re busy looking at the documentation
  2. They can’t actually give feedback or input other than instant feedback (which sometimes is good and sometimes not so good)

Consider… Continue reading

Changes To Foreign Reporting Requirements By CRA

new foreign reporting requirements craThe new foreign reporting requirements for investments in Canada was a real pain for our clients this year and affected at least twice as many clients as it did last year. It affects anything that you hold outside of your RRSPs and the forms that have to be prepared for that are very balance women

One of the more frightening things we noticed is that so many investment brokers aren’t even aware of these rules and are inadvertently putting their clients into mutual funds that have some foreign components that now require additional reporting. There are penalties for… Continue reading

7 Reasons You Should Fire Your Bookkeeper

ID-100263377Do you have troubles with your bookkeeper making mistakes or do you stress out when they go on vacation?

One of the common issues we see with clients is that they end up paying us to fix the mistakes their bookkeepers should have caught. I’ve seen bookkeepers forget to pay Revenue Canada the source deductions and end up costing their clients twice as much come year-end.

So what should you replace them with? Many businesses are starting to move their bookkeeping services into the cloud and you should consider doing so as well. Continue reading

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