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Common Sense: What Everyone Should Know About Money

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.14.54 AMOne of the reasons I enjoy giving presentations is the interesting people that I inevitably meet. After one of my recent presentations, a man by the name of Mark Ameerali approached me to ask about the processes I use and the general approach I take with real estate investing. We chatted for a bit and then he gave me his book, saying that he thinks that I’d probably enjoy it.

The book is called Common Sense: Things Everyone Should Know About Money. It starts out with a passport and several stamps that you use to track your progress including… Continue reading

Should Your A-Level Clients Receive Better Service?

ID-100165263Do you feel the need to service some clients better than others? Should your best clients receive better quality service than the rest? Kelowna accountant and business advisor Ken Davidson tells how he advises his clients in this situation.

When I always find it a bit strange when someone talks about servicing one group of clients differently than another. I personally have a difficult time with this situation because it’s my belief that all clients should be serviced properly. Many people will talk about over-servicing the A-clients to ensure they stay happy and I get the logic behind that. You… Continue reading

5 Steps To Negotiating The Perfect Deal

negotiatingYou can’t be successful in real estate investing without being a successful negotiator; they are a package deal. I find that the art of negotiation is actually more of a balance between a science and an art. There are strategic ways to come prepared to a deal that are somewhat universal while there are many other elements that require you to be able to think on your feet.

I’m happy to share with you my recent article from the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine on 5 Steps To Negotiating The Perfect Deal. The June 2014 issue has tons of great… Continue reading

9 Reasons Why Real Estate Ventures Fail

ID-100213597Success in the real estate investing business looks completely different for every individual as there are thousands of paths you can take to get there. Nobody takes the same path twice and gets the same result but there are definitely a few common factors that differentiate the projects that succeed from the ones that fail.

More often than not, the root cause of failure in real estate comes back to various incarnations of poor due diligence. You might think you have planned for every potential scenario but there are many distracting pit stops on the road to success in real… Continue reading

How To Scale Great Service As Your Business Grows

scale great serviceMost businesses start off being run by tight knit teams led by the owners. With a high dependency on the owners, maintaining the level of great client service that comes with this business model can be difficult to maintain as the company grows. It’s important to maintain the level of service your clients have become accustomed to but how do you do that when you’re no longer the one on the front lines?

It makes sense that the owner starts off running the service end of the business in the beginning because they have lots of time on their hands.… Continue reading

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