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New Federal Budget Has Canadians Paying Less For Naturopath & Acupuncture

ID-100143969Canada’s 2014 federal budget was just recently released and naturopaths and acupuncturists have a special provision that is going to make their services less expensive. One of the changes in the 2014 Canada federal budget was to make services provided by naturopaths and acupuncturists GST or HST exempt.

This is great news since most Canadians are used to paying out of pocket for these services, as they are not covered under our national health care system. This includes acupuncturists as well – both naturopaths and acupuncturists were not previously recognized as medical services under the GST/HST rules by the federal… Continue reading

5 Ways Your Business Can Make Money While You Sleep

ID-100143988There are two basic ways to make money in business: passively and actively. The real magic happens when you start to figure out more ways of generating passive income, aka. ”Making money while you sleep.” Of course you can’t actually be working when you’re sleeping and I’m not talking about those few mystical accounts of entrepreneurs dreaming up famous ideas that they would later put into action.

This is substantially less glamorous but it works. What I’m actually talking about is creating systems and processes that support income generation during the otherwise dormant hours of your business.

1. Make… Continue reading

Every Manager’s Guide To Effective Interviewing Techniques

0471593591Recently I wrote about the different types of books I like to read: a fun, meaningless book for pleasure, a “light” business book and what I refer to as a textbook-style book. Interviewing and Selecting High Performers: Every Manager’s Guide To Effective Interviewing by Richard Beatty is closer to the textbook-style but it’s written in a very readable format.

It’s a book that I wouldn’t normally read but I’m going to be doing some interviewing this year for some of the senior leadership here at BDO and this book was recommended to me by a colleague. I have to… Continue reading

5 Fears That Jeopardize The Future of Your Business

ID-100231153Like many proprietors, you probably have a vision for your future. Perhaps you picture yourself golfing in the sunshine, or sipping a crisp chardonnay while overlooking your retirement home in Hawaii. However, like many business owners, you probably haven’t given much thought to the path between now and your ideal retirement.

If this is the case, you could be on the fast track to an involuntary sale of your business due to unexpected illness, death or financial troubles. You want to have control over when and to whom you sell or transition your business ― which can take years to… Continue reading

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