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6 Moneyless Motivators That Make Employees Work Harder

ID-100142423Everybody needs money.  Some of people have a number in their head. Once they reach that number, more money loses its luster and they are uninspired by it.  There is nothing wrong with being this way as an employee but as an employer, how do you motivate these people when they work for your business?

Personally, I hope people aren’t motivated by money in their jobs. I hope that people are motivated to come to work because it is what they enjoy doing. I know that’s fairly utopian of me but if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing and money… Continue reading

9 Business Books That Will Change The Way You Do Business

ID-10063353Books are constantly changing. I believe in constantly educating myself and I strongly believe that great leaders should advocate continual education and have spoken about this in the past.

Below are my top choices for must-read business books, in no particular order. They are all great books that you can pick up quickly and get something out of fast. Pick them up for a weekend read and learn something about running a business, investing or becoming a better person to move you forward in life.

1. The E-Myth Revisited

This book is the basis for a lot of the… Continue reading

Is It A Bad Idea To Hold Real Estate In A Corporation?

holding real estate in a corporationI recently read an article (that I won’t link to) that was written by a tax lawyer as a case against holding property in a corporation. I’m not sure if he is an accountant or a lawyer but I believe he is a tax lawyer because his perspective is not unusual from that particular camp.

“Don’t hold real estate in a corporation, the rates are higher if you do it that way! You should be using other types of trusts, partnerships, joint ventures or holding it personally.”

By most considerations, this appears to be a perfectly rational position to take… Continue reading

How To Break Bad News To A Client

ID-100147922Whether you are a business advisor, employer or even a mentor to anyone, it’s very likely that you may have found yourself dealing with an intelligent person that is blind to the poor decisions they are making. I’m not talking about a slight difference of opinion or perspective, I’m talking about when someone is clearly making a very bad decision but they just can’t see it.

The fact is that sometimes our emotions can completely cloud our better judgment. That is a big problem when it happens in business.

If you’ve ever watched CBC’s Dragon’s Den before, you may… Continue reading



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