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7 Morning Rituals That Make Me A Better Entrepreneur

ID-1008118In theory, it should be pretty simple to justify a good morning ritual. After all, many of the world’s top athletes and even CEOs are famous for their quirky morning habits. In reality, building a routine that includes doing a lot of stuff before the sun has even risen is tough.

How does that old saying go again? It’s the tough things in life that are worth having. I think I modified that but you know it’s the truth.

What I do in the morning is what works for me and that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for… Continue reading

How To Stay Profitable During A Tough Real Estate Cycle

real estate investing

This article is a response to a question that I received via email from a reader asking how to stay profitable during slower real estate cycles. As I went to reply I thought that this might be a good topic to share here with you as well.

Many people are quick to sound the alarm as soon as soon as real estate prices begin to dip and sales start to taper off in the market. It happens to every market and you know what? It always comes back around again.  That is why it is referred to as a cycle.… Continue reading

This CEO’s Reason For Stepping Down Will Surprise You

randfishkin-2400pxI was doing some reading recently and came across an article about a CEO/Founder of a very successful company who was deciding to step down as leader. Now this isn’t overly newsworthy on its own but what makes the story interesting is his reasons why.

Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz just doesn’t love his job anymore and felt “poorly suited, especially from an emotional resiliency perspective” to handle it.

It takes a big person to admit that and a bigger one to do something about it. As much as he loves the company he helped build and bring to success (in… Continue reading

How I Left My Business For A Month & Made It Stronger

kelowna accountantHow does an entrepreneur take a month long vacation and manage to come back to a functioning, or dare I say, thriving business?

When you go on vacation for a week, even if you don’t answer emails or return phone calls, just about everything in your business can be dealt with the next week. When you’re gone for 3-4 weeks, it can’t wait. It has to be dealt with so somebody must pick up the ball and deal with it.

I recently came off from taking a month long vacation that included zero emails, phone calls or social media. For… Continue reading

How WestJet Taught Us Going Bigger Can Save Money

westjet christmas miracleIt seems that most of the world is still buzzing over the magic that a popular Canadian airline created with a viral video campaign. When I saw WestJet’s Christmas Miracle video, I looked at what they did as I thought how they must have one of the smartest marketing teams in the world right now.

The cost associated with pulling off a stunt of that magnitude is likely to be astronomical, the logistics were amazing but you know what…I’m convinced it’s going to end up being the cheapest advertising they have ever done.

It’s Called Leverage

If you can… Continue reading

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