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You Desperately Need To Align Your Vision With Your Business Strategy

business strategyIt’s surprising how often a vision gets confused with goal setting. As important as goal setting is, it is more important to establish a few fundamental truths about establishing a vision before even considering goal setting for your overall business strategy.

Who are you as a company? What are you trying to accomplish? Who do you want to be when you grow up?

That is your vision.

Yes, you can come up with a one or two-line paragraph that encompasses a “vision statement” – but I’m not talking about a vision statement. I’m talking about the very essence of your… Continue reading

How To Make More Money Without Selling More Product

kelowna accountantWhen we start to talk about making more money without selling more products, there is a suggestion that comes up too often that I fundamentally disagree with: it’s time to cut back expenses!

For better or worse, I generally make the initial assumption that people are operating their businesses efficiently, but that’s obviously not always the case. Running your business efficiently means you aren’t overstaffed and you aren’t out spending money on things that you shouldn’t be that directly affects the bottom line.

Be Realistic

The main issue I have with that analysis is that it’s very difficult to increase… Continue reading

5 Smarter Ways To Give Employees Incentive

kelowna accountantI believe that as entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to help our employees succeed. I don’t necessarily mean giving away the bank but that tends to be the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind. Yes, everybody would like to make a little more money but realistically, everyone has their own goals that may or not be related to making more money.

Finding out what your employee’s value and them providing them with the right incentives will make your success their success. When that happens, the sky is the limit.

1. Get To Know Your Employees

Depending on the size… Continue reading

19 Steps To Grow A Profitable Real Estate Investment Portfolio

canadian real estate wealth magazineI’ve written many times about the high caliber of quality from the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, which is truly an essential resource for real estate investors in the country. Up until recently, I had no bias saying that but I am very proud to announce my second contribution to the magazine entitled, 19 Steps To Grow A Profitable Real Estate Investment Portfolio.

It’s important that I mention there are no two identical paths to success in the world of real estate investing but, like anything else, there are definitely certain principles that exist to best set you up… Continue reading

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