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Farm Succession Planning: The Most Important Conversation You Need To Have

farm succession planning If you are a farm owner, no matter who you are, one day you will sell your business. Whether it is voluntarily or involuntarily, a sale will eventually occur. The important question is, do you know who is going to buy it?

Farm succession planning is extremely important, yet it is very common that these critical conversations just simply never occur.  We have many clients in the agriculture industry that often own one or more agricultural assets including wineries & vineyards, orchards, general agriculture & farmland, etc. and they too struggle with having this most important conversation around succession planning.… Continue reading

5 Tax Decisions Business Owners Need To Make Before Year End

kelowna accountantA common question I get as the end of the year approaches is what should I be doing to get my business ready for year-end? It’s good to be thinking about how to best position your finances and planning ahead on any significant events that will affect how much tax you will be paying in June.

I’ve outlined 5 important year end tax planning decisions that you need to make within your business before we finish this lap around the sun.

1. Maximize Expenditures In The Current Year

It really does make the most sense to buy any equipment or… Continue reading

Casual Labour? Don’t Tell That To The CRA

bc hst repealCasual labour is essentially when you have somebody working for a few hours here and there that is not on your payroll. Maybe you decide to hire a student for 3 days to clean up your shop and write them a cheque. Some business owners think that this is okay.

When claiming these types of expenses many years ago there used to be a term called “casual labour” with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) but it hasn’t existed for a long time. If you’ve been using it when claiming your taxes then you should know it could cause problems when filing… Continue reading

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Winston Churchill would have been a Uk Key Minister throughout World War II. The Great Britain is just about the countries on the planet with most innovative democratic different types of administration. In democratic way of authorities, the electricity rests in the hands of those. During this variety of govt, the bulk elect all those who depict them and the ideas.
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Democracy has long been practiced in leading-edge civilizations. Whereas democracy has numerous positive results, it is the worst type of way of federal as it has been unsuccessful in most functions. This is actually chiefly considering the decided everyone and those that elect them. Illiteracy is the biggest reason for failure in democratic platforms. Democracy is able to only be practiced successfully wherein the muscle size is reasonable and also of major degree.

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It must produce civil mobility, proper rights to each and eliminate discrimination. In events when the the vast majority is illiterate and pretty much negative, they will be influenced by the wealthy landlords or administration authorities. Like democracy regarded as a been unsuccessful kind of federal considering that those people that discover the elected business leaders are sub-standard voters despite their massive quantity. Continue reading

You Might Have Picked The Wrong Target Market

target marketIt’s tough to admit that your plan didn’t quite work out the way you thought it would and it’s even tougher in business when you’ve got money at stake. Picking target markets is something that we all been taught how to do because it’s absolutely essential to executing your marketing strategy. Without the right target market, you’re like a ship at sea without a compass.

Sign #1: You’re Not Getting Any Traction

When I say you’re not getting any traction, it could be that:

  • Your sales aren’t increasing
  • The cost of acquiring a new client is too high
  • Returns are… Continue reading
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