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Selling Your Home – For Sale By Owner? Think Again.

for sale by ownerI personally believe that there are professionals out there to do most jobs. I think that if you really want to become a professional real estate agent, then considering selling your home For Sale By Owner is a good idea. If you are just dabbling and considering doing a For Sale By Owner situation, then you’re forgetting who you are in your profession.

You’ve got to understand why you’re doing it.

The reason I hear of people wanting to do For Sale By Owner is because it’s “cheaper”. Doing your own tax returns is cheaper too but I don’t recommend… Continue reading

Negotiating Price: Walking Through A Successful Deal

negotiatingNegotiation is a funny thing. In a perfect world we would all put up our numbers and say, “This is the number, here is the deal structure and this is how we want it to work.”

Unfortunately, things just aren’t like that here in North America. We like to negotiate because it makes us feel better. Whether you’re negotiating for real estate, a car or whatever…there is always negotiating on the price.

Forget The Price, Focus On The Value

Everybody focuses on the price and the first thing I’m going to say is that if you focus solely on the… Continue reading

Good Stress Vs. Bad Stress & Why It’s Good To Have Both

stick figure business man wearing suit slouched over the word stressEverybody is stressed these days. Whether it’s personal stress or business stress…we’re all feeling it. This is especially true when you’re by yourself in business!

A frequent problem I witness is that a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have outlets to relieve their pent up stress. I’m not a psychologist but we’re always going to have stress…my belief is that it’s about having the right amount and the right kind of stress.

We just finished wrapping up what is the busiest part of the year in my industry and the perception from those around me can sometimes be that things… Continue reading

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