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Buying Properties With Different Joint Venture Partners

joint venturesThroughout the history of this website I have discussed various aspects of real estate investing and the involvement of joint venture partners but what happens when you’re buying properties with different joint venture partners?

Real Estate Investing With Multiple Partners

Anytime you bring in a partner, whether it’s a joint venture, a partnership or a corporate structure, as long as the investments are significant, there should be separate corporations for each of those partners. Now this greatly depends on your definition of significant because mine might be different than yours.

You have to make sure that the costs associated with… Continue reading

How To Take A New Approach In Your Business & Be Happier

kelowna accountantThis year I decided to shake things up in my Kelowna accounting firm and completely change the way I operate. Although I’ve worked as a Kelowna accountant for several years, most of my clients come to me for much more than tax advice and number crunching.

This became a strange juxtaposition when I realized that I was spending too much time buried in the numbers of my own business.

Break Routines That Don’t Model Growth

What happens to entrepreneurs is that over the years you continue to work in your business, work in your business and keep working in your… Continue reading

Instant Turnaround: Getting Your Employees Excited To Come To Work

instant turnaround

Instant Turnaround – Getting People Excited About Coming To Work & Working Hard

I felt that my last book review received great feedback so I’m back with another after I recently finished Instant Turnaround: Getting People Excited About Coming To Work And Working Hard by Harry Paul and Ross Wreck. Harry Paul is famous for his previous work co-authoring the smash bestseller Fish! A Proven Way To Boost Morale & Improve Results and this new book definitely hits the mark on expanding the concepts that made Fish so successful.

I’ve used this book a lot recently when dealing with clients… Continue reading

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