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9 Characteristics of Great Business Leaders

great business leadersSomewhere between the passing of Steve Jobs and the late Stephen R. Covey I started to think about what makes truly great business leaders. Anyone familiar with the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People already knows a few but there are so many different styles and schools of thought that it can be difficult to create the definitive checklist without heavy debate.

Here are some of my thoughts on the characteristics I believe are essential in great business leaders.

1. Credibility

I hate to lead with this one but you really have to be credible in business for people to… Continue reading

How Small Biz Can Compete With Major Corporations

Kelowna business competitng on priceKen Davidson is a Kelowna accountant with BDO Canada addressing one of the most important topics affecting small businesses.

Any small business that has every existed has had to ask themselves this one question: how can I compete with major retailers and big corporations?

There are fewer topics more relevant and important to all business owners than this one. Retail especially comes to mind but the service industry deals with this issue as well.  This is where decisions can literally make or break your business.

Figure Out What You’re An Expert In

Instead of trying to be a generalist… Continue reading

Is Your Business Safe In A Downward Economy?

kelowna accountantLet me start this with a disclaimer: I really dislike discussing downward economies and recessions. Call me a positive thinker, but I just prefer to look ahead and decide what needs to be done to get to where I want to go. Getting through a recessionary period generally has to do with shifting your mindset and remembering what truly supports your business.

Here are a few things every business needs to consider when determining their safety in a downward economy:

kelowna accountant

1. Client Relationships

Make sure that you are continuing to build great client relationships so that you are keeping in… Continue reading

Everything Businesses Need To Know About The BC HST Repeal

bc hst repealOver the past three weeks we have been releasing articles focusing on the upcoming BC HST repeal on April 1, 2013 and what business owners in the province of British Columbia need to start thinking about beforehand. I am very grateful to have Mike Boven, commodities tax expert from BDO Canada, lending his expertise to help the various types of businesses make sense of the confusion that comes along with this process.

Each point below has a full length article to explain some of the most important factors impacting businesses during the BC HST repeal process. Not every article… Continue reading

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