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What The Construction Industry Needs To Know About The BC HST Repeal

bc hst repealThis is the final article in the BC HST repeal series featuring commodities tax expert Mike Boven from BDO Canada.

In preparation for the upcoming BC HST repeal, there is one particular rule that addresses construction contracts that the industry needs to be aware of immediately. It mirrors a rule that was in place under the old social services tax that was actually more of a policy or a bulletin, you could say.

When someone is doing a renovation or constructing a building for you, the building itself is going to be considered real property. It’s land and… Continue reading

What Small Business Owners Need To Know About The BC HST Repeal

bc hst repealWe are fortunate to have Mike Boven, commodities tax expert from BDO Canada, joining us again to go into further detail regarding the upcoming BC HST repeal and what it means to the average business. If you aren’t in retail, what should you be doing to ensure you are following the transitional rules?

Then To Now – What’s Changed

Back on July 1st, 2010, if you were a service business doing an invoice for August 1st and the client hadn’t been invoiced for a number of months you had to try and figure out how much… Continue reading

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Individuals minutes are generally a a long way cry off from me at the moment, regardless. Undertaking an essay could very well be connected with my soul. In the time in which things are all converting do my essay more compact and small, the huge big essays nevertheless go on to sneak using possessing a vengeance. I go on to search for favours from my buddies so far as am nervous to attempt my essay from the internet. Continue reading

BC Businesses Should Buy Equipment Before April 1

bc hst repeal I’m fortunate to have Mike Boven, commodity tax expert from BDO Canada, joining me again to discuss some of the implications of the upcoming BC HST repeal and what it means for business owners in the province of British Columbia. Be sure to check out the other articles in the series to get a full grasp on how you need to prepare before April 1, 2013.

What The BC HST Repeal Means For Expenses

For example’s sake, let’s say you’re the type of business that can claim a full-input tax credit for HST on everything you buy and you… Continue reading

Details For BC Business Owners Registering For PST

bc hst repealThis is the third article in the BC HST repeal article series featuring Mike Boven, commodity tax expert from BDO Canada.

If you own a business in British Columbia and aren’t yet informed on what to do once the BC HST repeal kicks in, you need to start thinking about the transition right now. For those businesses that are involved in the sale of things that are subject to PST, they are going to have to register as a separate vendor for provincial sales tax purposes.

The sort of things that are subject to our provincial sales tax is typically… Continue reading

What Every Retailer Needs To Know About The BC HST Repeal

bc hst repealThis is the second edition in our BC HST repeal article series with Mike Boven, commodity expert from BDO Canada

Any retailer that was open when the change first happened has an idea of the nuisance that is coming with the BC HST repeal…reprogramming cash registers. There are no bones about it; the process is going to be a painful one.

All the retail businesses in British Columbia had to have their cash registers and computer systems reprogrammed effective July 1st 2010 and now they have to have them reprogrammed again effective April 1st 2013, the… Continue reading

BC HST Repeal: How We Got Here & Where We Are Headed

bc hst repealWhether you like it or not, the BC HST repeal is set to take place on March 31, 2013 and you need to be prepared to make the changes once the clock strikes midnight (especially those with cash registers).

Before we dive into the details of the BC HST repeal, you need to understand the context via a short history of the commodity tax picture in British Columbia. I brought in Mike Boven, a commodity tax expert with BDO Canada, to discuss how we got from A to B in this special BC HST repeal article series.

How The… Continue reading

Reducing Red Tape In Canada: Is Your Business Wrapped Up In Red Tape?

reducing red tapeWhether or not you are a business owner, there is a good chance you have heard a lot of buzz around reducing red tape in Canada lately due to recent efforts by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). Fortunately British Columbia got top marks on the red tape report card, the only province to receive an A rating throughout the entire report.

Dan Kelly is one of the key CFIB executives responsible for representing the interests of their impressive 108,000 member base. Here is an excerpt from his recent editorial in the Financial Post describing the struggle he’s personally… Continue reading

Jim Treliving From Dragon’s Den Shows Entrepreneurs How To Make Decisions

jim trelivingI just finished reading a fantastic book entitled Decisions: Making The Right Ones, Righting The Wrong Ones by Jim Treliving. Most people know Jim as the pensive and wise businessman on the hit CBC series Dragon’s Den and owner of the massively successful Boston Pizza and Mr. Lube franchises.

As an accountant you have to understand that, people expect me to be a statistics kind of guy but the truth is that I really like stories. Everybody has a story and they can be much easier to relate to than numbers.

I like how Jim uses the book to discuss… Continue reading

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