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Top 5 Traits In Women That Can Improve Your Business

Kelowna accountantPatti Tattersall is a Kelowna accountant at BDO Canada and is participating as a guest blogger for In this blog, she discusses her experiences with how women can be a very strong part of any successful business.  Find out why Patti thinks that women make great employees.

Women offer a unique skill set to any workplace that should not be ignored or undervalued. There are certain skills that are ingrained in women that experience specific aspects of life that are somewhat “exclusive” to the female gender, such as giving birth. Anyone who is a mother will testify that their… Continue reading

5 Essential Elements To Starting A New Business

Kelowna accountantKelowna accountant Ken Davidson provides his perspective on the 5 essential keys to starting a new business in this week’s blog.

I often get asked by my clients what are the things they need to think about most when started a new business. I’ve compiled a list of 5 keys that I always cover with them here.

1. Choose Something You’re Passionate About

Don’t start a business that you aren’t interested in. I think that a lot of people think that they can get involved in a new business and convince themselves that they will learn to love it.

This… Continue reading

The Fine Line Between Career Success & Fulfillment

Kelowna accountantPatti Tattersall is a Kelowna accountant at BDO Canada and is participating as a guest blogger for In this blog, she discusses her challenges with passion and business. Find out how she aligned career success with fulfillment in all aspects of her life in this blog!

When my son was 6, he drew a picture at school of him and his father playing soccer…and me sitting at my desk. I got pretty emotional after seeing the picture, especially considering that my husband works full-time too.

I started my career as an accountant in public practice in Kelowna about 14… Continue reading

How To Stop Yourself From Getting Nailed With A Big Tax Bill

Kelowna accountantAs a local Kelowna accountant, tax advisor as well as a business advisor, I have the unfortunate duty of telling clients that they owe money to the government. If you’re self-employed, you need to take a few extra steps than an employee has to in order to ensure that your taxes are paid and, as we all know, it doesn’t come deducted off your “paychecks” bi-weekly.

1. Setup A Savings Account for Taxes

My first suggestion to any business owner on this topic is to setup a tax savings account for themselves and the business at their bank. This… Continue reading

Working Smarter, Not Harder

kelowna accountantThis is one of those topics that you’ll see a lot of books on with a lot of advice beating the subject to death but the problem I see is that people just don’t know how to do it. Everybody has a different perspective on how to “work smarter” but when you think about your business, think about your definition of “smarter”.

Is it time? The amount of energy you put in? I’m no physicist but time and energy are not the same thing so be sure to differentiate them.

Is it resources? Financial or other?

Become more comfortable and… Continue reading

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