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Are Accountants Critical To Your Business Success?

outside accounting servicesSage, the leading supplier of business management software, recently released a survey to determine the opinions of small businesses on outside accounting services. Over 450 small business owners in the US and Canada were surveyed and were able to provide extremely valuable insight for every small business owner.

Accountant Usage

Over 60% of the companies surveyed are currently using outside accounting services and 90% of them say it’s absolutely critical to the success of their business. Being an accountant myself, my opinion is somewhat biased but I have always fundamentally believed this to be true and it’s part of… Continue reading

The Key To Choosing Your Business Advisors

Business AdvisorGetting advice from people that can actually give you good advice is easier said than done.  I talk about “bar room business advice” all the time and it can be a difficult experience when I get someone walking into my office saying, “Well, my friend said this” or “I heard that”. Everyone’s situation is different and it’s the same when it comes to choosing a business advisor as well.

Ask yourself a couple questions before choosing a business advisor…

Do you trust your business advisor? Trust is key in any relationship.

Do you have a connection with your business advisor?… Continue reading

How To Successfully Re-Brand Your Company

The first thing that you need to determine before you decide to re-brand is ensuring that your belief system is not such that you think that a re-brand will solve all your problems…because it won’t! As a Kelowna accountant, I always tell my clients that re-branding can sometimes create problems that you have to be very aware of anytime you’re marketing yourself.  I suggest you look at going forward with a re-brand by consulting with experts.

Kelowna accountantLeveraging Tools For Communication

I just had a client come in the other day that is starting a new business and was in the… Continue reading

How Can I Get More Knowledge About Real Estate Investing?

Canadian Real Estate Wealth MagazineAs a business advisor, I frequently get asked what people need when they aspire to get into real estate investing and where they can get more knowledge on the business. My first question when I get asked that is, “Do you currently subscribe to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine?” If the answer is no, I tell them that is the first place they should start.

The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine is an extremely well written publication for people that want to get into real estate investing in Canada. Whenever a new… Continue reading

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