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How Your Kelowna Business Can Avoid Competing On Price

Kelowna business competitng on priceAs a Kelowna business you may be experiencing some fierce competition with a small population to rely on for sales and revenue. The appeal of quickly establishing yourself in the market by pricing low can be quickly dispelled by the reality of its many downsides.

I do not personally believe price should be the primary factor that distinguishes you from your competition. Some industries don’t have a choice so it is inevitable that there will be a few exceptions.

How Are You Going To Be Different?

Differentiation is what you need to be working on. When I say differentiation, I’m… Continue reading

Great Habits That Will Save You Money In 2012

Get good advise on how to save money on taxes from your Kelowna accountant.Despite the insanity that the New Year brings every Kelowna accountant, or any accountant really, it’s truly an exciting time with the prospect of a great year ahead filled with success, growth and a clean slate. Stats have shown about 45% of people usually set New Year’s resolutions with only 8% actually achieving them.

Although I would love to give a deeper philosophical outlook on growth for 2012 this article is about sharing a few great tips that will get you on track for a bigger bottom line at the end of the upcoming year.

Remember Your Receipts

Don’t… Continue reading

At the time you don’t feel as though it do college homework web me for the money

Difficult school task can become cure making use of school tier preparation geography can help online. You need to be cautiously buying a company to use. To not stumbled upon a deceptive web-site university homework which includes nothing to deal but plagiarized paperwork that could do not good. The ones servicing are sure to strive to lure human beings. They guarantee less expensive still superior university or college homework article writing, it will be entirely wrong to think them. These kind of university research internet websites do not possess returning purpose and customers and prospects by fooling foreign people, choosing their money not rendering lumbar region things worthy. This can be completely wrong, damaged system of a reputable commercial college research. Certainly not everything we accustomed to do on our college or university biography due diligence online website page! We jobs according to tough would ensure and procedures that service to preserve both of these our consumers and yourself, managing straightforward and translucent corporation.

Some university students are irritated they should pay do my homework

This is why we select our capable authors really carefully to give 100 % remarkable school British modern technology groundwork. It is usually very important to communicate with your fully commited course instructors meticulously. This signifies that you certainly will be given a suitable old fashioned paper using a good supply that suits your distinctive goals. Continue reading

Should You Ever Fire A Client?

Many Kelowna accountants have to decide when the time has come when they need to break the ties with difficult clients.We’ve all had them. That one client or customer that has your staff running to the bathroom as soon as they spot them pulling in the parking lot. They may mean well but nonetheless they could be driving you and your staff crazy.

These types of situations are never fun and can really put you between a rock and a hard place. You know that your gut is telling you that the fit isn’t right but the cheques are still arriving on time so the client must be happy, right?

Maybe not.

As a business owner, you are well acquainted… Continue reading

5 Tax Tips That Challenge The Status Quo

When searching Kelowna accountants be sure to choose one who will be proactive in providing tax savings tipsIf it looks and feels like a business expense…it just might be a business expense!

Small business people would be doing themselves a huge favour at tax time by becoming what I call ‘receiptaholics.’ If you become a receiptaholic, then at least you have the backing to deduct something if it can be claimed as a business expense. I don’t pay for anything in cash because cash receipts get lost and don’t get deducted. I pay for everything with a credit card so I have documentation of what I’ve spent money on. That all being said, you can easily find… Continue reading

3 Simple Ways To Grow Your Business

A good Kelowna accountant can help you grow your businessDoes it feel like you have “hit a ceiling” when it comes to ideas on how to grow your business? Have you reached a comfortable position with your business but perhaps now you’re ready to push it to the next level?

Every business is different but there are some ways to grow your business that are applicable in EVERY industry.

Creating Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances are very important for your business and the key to building them is to be a great match. When I say you need to be a match, “1+1=2” is NOT good enough. When you think… Continue reading

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