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Taking a Risk In Business: What Your Kelowna Accountant May Not Tell You

Ask your Kelowna accountant before diving into a risky venture.All the greatest success stories are the ones that show the protagonist against all odds and facing great risk only to overcome adversity and prevail to the heights of the grandest of all dreams (something your Kelowna accountant may often advise against). Despite the prevalence of these inspiring stories, the ones we all seem to remember when we are faced with a big risk are the stories about failure and, gasp, bankruptcy.  These are the ones that a good accountant or advisor will warn you against.

Taking risks are scary because you are trekking through the unknown and usually putting… Continue reading

6 Great Okanagan Wineries

Barrels in okanagan wineriesWhen living in the Okanagan, you become accustomed to a few luxuries that are as abundant as the Christmas lights, mid-December. We are blessed with great sunny summers, beautiful beaches and fantastic golfing season. But that’s not all, we are also amongst some of the best wineries in Canada.

Okanagan wineries are actually among some of the finest in the world and the great fruit that grows in the valley throughout the season compliments them. I must stress this list I’ve compiled here is not in any particular order and is not the end-all, be-all. What I can safely… Continue reading

5 Important Keys to a Successful Business Growth Strategy

An arrow going up for your business growth strategyThe key to a successful business growth strategy greatly depends on your patience and discipline. Most entrepreneurs are driven, ambitious and prepared to take on the world in the midst of building their startup. Setting your goals high is important, but sometimes we all tend to get ahead of ourselves and forget to lay the foundation for steady, healthy growth. Building a multi-million dollar empire is a great goal but make sure you have it planned out every step of the way.

1. Why are you in business?

It’s one thing to decide to go into business but you must… Continue reading

What Okanagan Wineries Can Do To Become More Profitable

A beautiful view of Okanagan wineries through a wine glassOkanagan wine writer John Schreiner says the number of Okanagan wineries grew five-fold in a decade, and that a slowdown in growth could already be here—as evidenced by reduced harvests (as low as less than half of previous harvests) last year.

Okanagan wineries are still profitable though. However, like any business they must plan to ensure they stay that way.

Quoting a report by Simon Fraser University political scientists Andy Hira and Alexis Bwenge titled “The Wine Industry in British Columbia: A Closed Wine But Ready for Harvest,” Schreiner pointed out several vulnerabilities for Okanagan wineries that can cause major… Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Your Kelowna Accountant

What do you look for when choosing a new Kelowna accountant?

5 Questions to Ask When Looking For a New Kelowna Accountant

Do you feel like you should be saving more on your taxes? Maybe you’ve heard about tax loopholes before but you’re wondering why you haven’t been able to take advantage of any yet. Choosing the right Kelowna accountant can be tricky since you want to find someone who is qualified, but also understands your business strategy.

Here’s a list of 5 important questions you should ask your Kelowna accountant.

1. How will your practice help me develop my business?

You will see the most gains when you have an… Continue reading

4 Ways to Keep Your Kelowna Business Competitive

Keeping your Kelowna business competitive

How are you keeping your Kelowna business competitive?

Have you been trying to find new ways to keep your Kelowna business competitive? Even with the current state of our economy there are still many companies who are thriving. Last week on Twitter I mentioned that some of the most successful companies started during a recession through innovation. Although innovation is a major component, there are a few other key things that you can start implementing right away to give you an edge against your competition.

“There’s no traffic on the extra mile.”

Seek out every possible opportunity to go above… Continue reading

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