Ken Davidson, C.A., CFP, Business Growth

I’ve worked as a chartered accountant in Kelowna for many years and the clients that I work with come to me for many different reasons.

Some just want help with their personal accounting or their corporate taxes and are looking for expert tax planning advice. For these clients I ensure they take advantage of every possible opportunity for tax savings, reduce their tax liability.

That’s part of the ‘typical’ accounting work that I do. But what’s not typical, is the results I am able to provide to my clients.

While I love saving my clients money on taxes, what I love most is working with my clients side-by-side, helping them to build their business, grow their revenues and reach and exceed all goals they’ve set for themselves.

Typically I work with five types of clients:

1. Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Developers

  • Setting up structures to minimize risk and tax liability on real estate investments

2. Start-up Companies

  • Showing them the fastest path to profitability

3. Growth Companies

  • Helping them reach the next level and increase their revenue and profits

4. Professionals

  • Assisting lawyers, doctors, dentists and other professionals with capitalize on their peak earning years to provide wealth long after retirement

5. Business Transition

  • Covering everything from preparing your business for sale, valuing your business, creating exit strategies,  family and succession planning

My passion is to serve not only as an accountant, but also as a consultant, advisor and even a mentor for my clients really becoming a key part of their executive or management team.

I highly value the relationships I have with my clients and I use a “hands on” approach – taking the time to discuss my clients’ aspirations with them before providing a road map to help them achieve their goals.

With so many Kelowna accountants to choose from I know you have a lot of choices. But if you are looking for more than just an accountant in Kelowna and  you would like to learn more about how I can help you with your business goals contact me for a complimentary Strategic Business Review. I would be pleased to meet with you, just email me at

~Ken Davidson, Business Growth Strategist, Chartered Accountant in Kelowna, BC

What My Clients Are Saying

“Ken has provided excellent advice and tremendous support for FMS Flight Motion Simulators Inc. over the last 3.5 years. He is a great resource for technology companies in the Okanagan.” 

~Diana Groffen, Kelowna, BC

“At a time when over promising and under-performing is often the norm Ken is a brilliant exception. As a highly skilled, always trustworthy and totally reliable member of our company team, Ken has consistently provided thoughtful, creative guidance and the kind of insightful management advice we have come to rely on. 

For us good is not good enough. We want exceptional. And for almost ten years that is what Ken has provided. We whole heartedly and unreservedly recommend him.”  

~Christopher R Marshall, President, Answers for HR, A Division of Redesigned Systems Inc.

“I have hired Ken to work with different businesses I have been involved with and recommended him to several others. Ken is much more than just an accountant. He has a wealth of business experience and is an excellent strategic thinker who offers great advice and alternative solutions.” 

~Vern Nielsen, Entreprenuer, Kelowna, BC

“Ken has been much more than an accountant to me. Yes he has saved me lots of money in taxes, but what I value most about Ken is the strategic thinking and advice he has given me to grow my business. Ken is not just my accountant he truly is my trusted business advisor and strategist. I recommend Ken to any business owner that is looking to grow their business and save money on taxes!”

~Melonie Dodaro, Top Dog Social Media, Kelowna, BC

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