4 Ways to Keep Your Kelowna Business Competitive

Keeping your Kelowna business competitive

How are you keeping your Kelowna business competitive?

Have you been trying to find new ways to keep your Kelowna business competitive? Even with the current state of our economy there are still many companies who are thriving. Last week on Twitter I mentioned that some of the most successful companies started during a recession through innovation. Although innovation is a major component, there are a few other key things that you can start implementing right away to give you an edge against your competition.

“There’s no traffic on the extra mile.”

Seek out every possible opportunity to go above and beyond for your clients. Focus on providing service that is so efficient and valuable that your clients wouldn’t dream of leaving you for a competitor. Kelowna is a relatively small town and once you become known for great service, that reputation sticks and it spreads like wildfire. There is always room for another player in the market that can and will do it better.

Doing thoughtful things like sending out birthday cards to your clients can make the world of difference. It’s usually the small things that make the biggest difference. You’ve probably heard this before but have you actually done it? People are very appreciative when you take the time to acknowledge them and this could be another great step in strengthening the relationship and turn your clients into raving fans that recommend you to all their friends and family.

Give Your Clients Great Referral Incentives

Your happy clients are your best marketing tool and most companies barely leverage them at all. Create incentives that will encourage them to think about who else can benefit from the products and services you offer. Creating a buzz through word of mouth is the golden ticket for any Kelowna business.

Consider giving out great prizes like an iPad to the person who refers the most clients in a certain time frame. This is ideal for companies that may not be able to offer an attractive referral commission. You’ll find people get a lot more creative and motivated when there is something in it for them, which is much better for you!

Your Least Risky Option For Growth

Sell more of your products/services to your current customers. This includes rebranding and repurposing current products to meet new and different needs of your customers. A great example is baking soda, which has over 75 uses including cleaning, killing odors and personal hygiene.

Without losing focus of your company’s goals, think of different markets and needs you can fulfill with products and services you are already offering. Consider if there is a way for you to expand to a market without changing any products or services. I have one Kelowna business client who was able to do this with a product they had and it added another 20% to their company’s revenue.

Engage In Online Conversation

There is so much conversation happening online these days that its clear it would be a missed opportunity to not participate. Companies can use sites like Twitter to see what people are saying about them and keywords relevant to their brand. What used to cost large corporations millions of dollars in research and focus groups can now be done for next to nothing on social networking sites. They are a great place to learn more about what your potential customers want and like.

I have really enjoy my experience interacting with other Kelowna business owners online and I love how it keeps me in the loop with the community. Simply engaging with other people in your community will increase your visibility, so what have you got to lose?

In Other Words…

Take every opportunity to get ahead of the competition with your Kelowna business. I know the readers of this blog are intelligent business-savvy folks who understand this stuff but it’s important that you are holding yourself accountable and using realistic metrics to track your success. Growth is the name of the game. You’re either growing or dying and the same can be said for your business.

What are the best ways you have found to keep your Kelowna business competitive? Let me know in the comments below!

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