Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine: A Review For Investors

Canadian Real Estate Wealth MagazineFirst off, I have to say that I am not being paid by or am I affiliated in any way with the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.  I legitimately believe in the strength of this publication as a knowledge resource for the greater real estate investing community in Canada. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

This weekend I read the latest edition of the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and I like to reference this magazine a lot in my blog because I do believe it’s an important publication for people who are in involved in real estate investing. Even though I am knowledgeable in real estate investing, I find reading that magazine on a monthly basis brings little bits of information that I can use in my own investment strategies.

When I finished reading this month’s issue, it was really interesting because it touches on everything I talk about in my blog that relates to real estate. There’s no one specific article I’d like to talk about for this particular edition but if you read the articles in there, the success stories all talk about education, where they got it from and what they did to get it.

The other thing that always comes up in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine is the topic of building your team. Every article talks about having that ideal power team, or whatever you want to call it, to be successful.

One component that really ties everything together is research. The key, as we all know, is you have to do research. Whether it’s mortgage rates, condo prices, individual communities, what’s happening in the global and local markets, etc. The more knowledge you have from rigorous research, the better.

The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine gives you bits and pieces that will help you in your research and should be a staple read for anyone interested or active with real estate investing.

If you haven’t already, go visit their website here to check out articles from their latest edition. I highly recommend subscribing to their email list as well for regular updates on new content.

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