Top 5 Traits In Women That Can Improve Your Business

Kelowna accountantPatti Tattersall is a Kelowna accountant at BDO Canada and is participating as a guest blogger for In this blog, she discusses her experiences with how women can be a very strong part of any successful business.  Find out why Patti thinks that women make great employees.

Women offer a unique skill set to any workplace that should not be ignored or undervalued. There are certain skills that are ingrained in women that experience specific aspects of life that are somewhat “exclusive” to the female gender, such as giving birth. Anyone who is a mother will testify that their time management skills evolved without their choice simply because they had to figure out how to do everything that needed to be done plus raise children.

It is not uncommon for women to possess a great skills for time management and juggling tasks.  Some of these skills others lack. I know this comes from balancing their families with work, things like being a “soccer mom” but also managing and building a career while making sure dinner is on the table when the kids and husband get home from school, activities and work. Don’t get me wrong, I know many men (my husband included) who are incredibly exceptional with all these same things, but in many cases, women seem to have a leg up.

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More recently we have women that work 9-3pm here at BDO Canada as they need to pick their kids up from school and get them to activities, etc. Giving them this flexibility has strengthened our working relationship by building trust and creating an environment that is flexible to their lifestyle. They manage to get an exceptional amount of work done as they have strong time management skills, are focused on their tasks and goals for the day while at the office and are extremely committed to their role at the office.

Having the ability and flexibility to offer those types of positions is great from an employer perspective because we attract some truly great people by doing this.

5 Ways Women Can Improve Your Business

  1. Time Management Skills – As we discussed, these skills are second nature to women with families. It’s certainly not exclusive to females but I’ve found it to be very prevalent in the women I’ve encountered in all my years in the workforce.
  2. Relationship Focused – A trait I have noticed among clients and co-workers is that women tend to be more relationship focused in their approach to business.  Women tend to put the clients first no matter what. I believe this comes from their maternal instincts of taking care of their children and families. There is a certain nurturing quality that they have instinctively and is ideal for building strong business relationships.
  3. Maturity – Those with the experience of taking care of a family while being a working mom have an entirely different perspective than those who have not had those experiences. Quite often this means that these types of women are entering the workforce later on in life after their children have reached an age of self-reliance.  These women do not have the “me” attitude, they have the “we” attitude and are a great asset to the business team.
  4. Passion – In my observations, it seems that men are more inclined to get involved in businesses for more practical reasons such as the ability to make more money.  In comparison, I’ve seen that women tend to be more passionate about the roles they get involved with and passion is a great asset for employees in any business to possess.
  5. Organizational Skills – Most of the women I’ve dealt with in business tend to have the vision of what they want their business or job to look like in the future and focus on the steps to get there. I think this really goes back to the time management factor because it’s difficult to balance many commitments without being somewhat organized and know what the end is going to look like.

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I’d love to hear your opinion and experiences and the differences you’ve seen in men and women in the workplace. Share them in the comments below.


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