The Fine Line Between Career Success & Fulfillment

Kelowna accountantPatti Tattersall is a Kelowna accountant at BDO Canada and is participating as a guest blogger for In this blog, she discusses her challenges with passion and business. Find out how she aligned career success with fulfillment in all aspects of her life in this blog!

When my son was 6, he drew a picture at school of him and his father playing soccer…and me sitting at my desk. I got pretty emotional after seeing the picture, especially considering that my husband works full-time too.

I started my career as an accountant in public practice in Kelowna about 14 years ago.  As time and experience progressed,  the opportunity to become partner was being brought up with all the additional responsibilities that come along with it and I couldn’t stop thinking about that picture my son drew.

Finally, one day I walked in and quit my job.

I decided that if I could work a 9-5, I would be much happier since there would be less stress on my family. I took a controller position at a local manufacturing plant.  quickly realized that it wasn’t the actual job I had, it was how I was working I quickly became bored with the job and realized that even though it gave me the time to be with my family, I wasn’t any happier.  I love what I do as an accountant at BDO and I couldn’t take that passion to another place.

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Ken Davidson (Kelowna accountant and author of and I stayed very close during my time away from the accounting firm and he would always ask when I was coming back. My reply was always the same: Never! Although there was one day he asked me again and my reply was different…

Kelowna accountant“What are you offering?”

And I proceeded to tell him what it was I wanted, including the ability to leave the office at 10am to go to a school performance that one of my children are in.  I even took Spring Break off and took my kids to Maui…not many accountants can do that during tax season!

I was really clear about discussing what it was that I wanted and needed to be able to return to a work environment that didn’t just meet my professional needs but also my personal needs.

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work in a great environment, with wonderful people, truly making a difference and still be able to be there and watch my kids grow up.

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It’s all about personal decisions, realizing what you want and making sure that where you are will conform to that. If not, there are lots of opportunities out there.

How have you married your passion with business? Leave a message in the comments below.


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