How Can I Get More Knowledge About Real Estate Investing?

Canadian Real Estate Wealth MagazineAs a business advisor, I frequently get asked what people need when they aspire to get into real estate investing and where they can get more knowledge on the business. My first question when I get asked that is, “Do you currently subscribe to the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine?” If the answer is no, I tell them that is the first place they should start.

The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine is an extremely well written publication for people that want to get into real estate investing in Canada. Whenever a new issue hits my desk, it immediately becomes my weekend read. Despite my experience and extensive background in the industry, I still manage to get value when I pickup that magazine and read it cover-to-cover. All I’m looking for is a little tidbit from each of the articles that I can takeaway.

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Like any article, you have to take it with a grain of salt. Each article is someone else’s opinion on a certain topic or information presented through the filter that is that writer’s perspective. Having said that, the writers are all very knowledgeable on their topics.  It’s truly the cheapest mentor you’re going to find anywhere!

Where Should You Spend Your Money?

In the latest issue, they talk about “Big Bang Renovations” where they discuss where you should be spending your money. The first thing people wonder when they get into real estate investing is whether they should be spending it on landscaping, fixing the roof, renovating the kitchen, etc. You need to decide where your money will be spent and understand what provides the best return on investment.

Canadian Real Estate Wealth MagazineLearn From People Who’ve Done The Research

There’s articles in The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine that talk about “hotspots” where they’ve done the research and they believe that certain communities are going to be the next place to buy real estate.

The nice thing about this publication is that they talk about different levels of investor. They have some stories about people who have bought one house and now own three houses but they also have stories about people that have purchased multiple apartment complexes. You gain insight into what other people have done and how they’ve done it in a general way that will resonate with anyone trying to learn.

Beware of the Ads

A lot of times when you read these magazines, you have to beware of the advertisements sprawled across the many colourful pages and what they are attempting to skew you towards.

Is the piece you are reading an advertorial (meaning a paid advertisement) or an article? These things are important and they do have both in The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine so you need to be careful when reading to make sure it’s not some company attempting to get you to buy whatever they’re selling.

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Highlights of The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

  • Talks about the entire country
  • Contains property price guides and mortgage rates
  • Has a good balance of statistics, facts and philosophical writings to strengthen your real estate investing skills
  • Top notch, knowledgeable writers

What is your favourite resource for real estate investing tips? Leave a message in the comments below!


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