REVIEW: The Little Book of Real Estate Investing In Canada

little book of real estate investing in canadaI really enjoy a nice, easy reading business book every now and then that let’s me relax while learning something. When I picked up The Little Book of Real Estate Investing In Canada, I quickly realized that author Don Campbell had written something that was right up my alley. I’m familiar with Don’s work and this one is a bit different for him.

The title should immediately tell you what’s good and bad about this book, right off the bat. The good is that it’s a little book. The bad is…it’s a little book.

If you’re looking to read this book and get a whole bunch of in-depth tips on how to invest in Canadian real estate, you’re probably not going to get it. What it does do is give you an overview of some of the things you need to be looking out for. Warning signs, if you will. The key thing is that it gives you an overview of places you can go look to get additional information, should you decide that you need it.

For a beginner real estate investor in Canada, I would put this on the “must-reads” list because it does an excellent job of giving a concise overview of the moving parts within the business.

Why You Should Invest In Real Estate

Don starts off the first chapter with why you should invest in real estate. What an interesting question. I like that he starts off at the beginning with what we are doing and trying to accomplish because that’s important.

Chapter 2 goes into Don’s personal experience and other peoples’ experiences to give real-world context to what he’s about to discuss. The next chapter gets into designing your real estate portfolio, which is something I believe is really important for people. People don’t think of real estate as a portfolio, they think of it as an investment.

Building Your Power Team

Chapter 4 talks about building a team and I’ve personally talked extensively about this on the blog because I believe it is essential to any investor’s success. This is a great book for someone who is starting out because he actually talks about it. If you read some of his other books, they all have a section on building a team because it is so important when you are investing in real estate.

Getting an Investor Mentality

I’m very impressed to see this covered in the book because the investor mentality is a key part of success and people need to break it down. Why are you investing in real estate? It’s different when you are buying real estate for investment purposes than when you are buying real estate for your own personal residence. It’s interesting to see that shift in mindset happen.

Another thing that Don promotes heavily, and I agree with him, is that there is a real estate cycle and you have to know where you’re at within that cycle as it’s happening. I’m not talking about the real estate market from a national level, it fluctuates from location to location and you need to be aware of that.

Why Are You Investing?

Don brings it back to the reader to decide why you truly want to invest in real estate and I think this is one of the more subtly powerful points in the book. It’s all about what you want as an individual when it comes to investing and what state the real estate market is at within each venture.

Don writes easy enough for a beginner to read but packs enough value for a seasoned expert too. The Little Book of Real Estate Investing In Canada is a solid read and gives you any investor a great overview and some ideas of what other books you should read on the subject.

VERDICT: Recommended

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