Is Your Business Ready To Swim With The Sharks?

9781401312923_p0_v2_s260x420I recently finished reading Shark Tank: How To Launch and Grow a Business from Concept to Cash by Michael Parish DuDell, a book based off advice given on the hit TV show Shark Tank. A seasoned entrepreneur might be quick to snub a book that’s seemingly riding off the coat tails of the show, I admit that I had a similar first impression, but a colleague whom I respect passed it on to me since they know I’m a fan of the series.

The author is not on the show but he does a great job of pulling together examples from the show including quotes from each Shark to give you unique perspectives on the same topic. Each entrepreneur thinks differently and you get the best of both worlds by hearing each of their insights into topics such as:

  • How to shape a marketable idea and craft a business model around it
  • How to plan for a launch
  • Run a business without breaking the bank (or burning themselves out)
  • How to create a growth plan that will help you handle and harness success
  • Pitch an idea or business plan like a pro

Shark Tank: How To Launch & Grow a Business

Before I continue, I’ll give you an idea of the books I like to read and where this book falls in that spectrum. The books I read generally fall into three categories:

  1. The “fun book” – A meaningless book that wipes my mind for relaxation.
  2. Business casual – A great building block to help myself and my clients move forward a light, easy reading format.
  3. Business formal – Usually a tougher, textbook-style read with a little more meat to the content like Think And Grow Rich. Definitely something you really have to be in the right state of mind for.

This book is halfway between business casual and business formal since it’s a bit tougher of a read than my “easy” business books but much more simple than your average textbook.

Great Idea Does Not Mean Great Business

You might have a great idea but that doesn’t mean it will make for a great business. There are plenty of great ideas out there that simply have no business value because nobody wants or needs it badly enough. Perhaps you’re trying to fix a problem that doesn’t need to be solved or is overkill for its intended purpose.

This book really helps you differentiate between those good and bad ideas before you’ve spent your life savings on it.

Tools & Resources: The Best Part

In my opinion, one of the greatest additions to this book is the tools and resources list at the very end. The book list that the author has compiled is truly excellent and I can speak first-hand as I’ve read many of them. There are also a few that I have yet to read that I’m now very eager to get into.

If you get this book and find that you’re having trouble getting through it, skip to the end and check out the tools and resources because that’s where this book really brings everything together.


A Foundation For Any Business

Shark Tank: How To Launch and Grow a Business from Concept to Cash is a great foundational business book and a roadmap for anyone that’s at the beginning stages of their business. Don’t kid yourself, you could have a million dollars in sales and still be at the beginning stages so this book could still be for you.

It’s all about getting to the next level and being ready for success when it comes. One benefit of going on Shark Tank is your sales will explode the day after the show airs but if you aren’t ready for it, it can backfire. If you don’t have the proper infrastructure in place, you could crash before the party starts. Part of being ready is ensuring everything in your chain is ready for what’s coming…that includes your suppliers, distributors and even your website to ensure it can handle the traffic.

If you’re someone that’s interested in pitching your business to a potential investor, this book is an excellent resource for you. The more you know about the process of determining where you are in your business, the easier it will be to present yourself to investors.

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