How To Retire Overseas On $25,000/Year (Seriously)

ID-100144906I’ve recently decided to switch my use of the word “retiring” to “redirecting” after reading a book that changed my perspective. Surprisingly, this new philosophy came from a very unexpected place.

A client referred a book to me called, “The International Living Guide To Retiring Overseas On a Budget” and I was more than a little reluctant to spend any of my time reading it. I’ve spent my entire life working way too hard to give up and live off next to nothing…and this is the attitude I had going into the book.

Why Would Someone Want To Do This?

Can you actually live on only $25,000 a year? What effect would that have on your family? What quality of life can you expect to have?

These are many of the questions that are answered in this book and there are a lot of great stories about different people that have gone out and tried this with success.

Conquering Logistical Challenges

Moving around the world sounds glamorous but there are several logistical concerns you need to keep in mind and The International Living Guide To Retiring Overseas on a Budget tackles them all.

It covers everything from languages you need to learn (depending on where you travel, of course), to insurance to medical care…by the time I got through the book, I was starting to think that living overseas wouldn’t be half bad.

They even take you through some of the communities and countries International Living has done research on, to show you the most affordable and diverse areas in the world. They have a chapter on each location, which gives you a solid feel for which areas might best suit your needs and interests.

You Want To Move Overseas: What’s Next?

So what happens if you decide you want to do this and move overseas…what’s the next step?

I generally don’t promote other businesses on my blog but International Living has a great website with a monthly magazine that talks about working and retiring overseas as an expat.

Want beachfront property in Brazil for $300 a month? This is one of the many luxuries that can be afforded quite easily if you’re willing to go the distance. Figuratively and literally.

Highly Recommended

Looking back on my career, I spent some time in the Caribbean working and it was definitely an incredible experience that I encourage others to consider. I’m quite pleased to see that somebody has taken the time to compile all of this knowledge about living and potentially retiring overseas and put it in a book that’s really easy to read.

If you’re someone that wants to drastically change their life, whether you’re employed or wanting to create a business elsewhere in the world, this is a great place to start.

I bought this book on the back of a testimonial from a client that I greatly respect, otherwise this book would never have made it on my reading list. I’m surprised to say it but I’m very glad that it did.

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