5 Steps To Negotiating The Perfect Deal

negotiatingYou can’t be successful in real estate investing without being a successful negotiator; they are a package deal. I find that the art of negotiation is actually more of a balance between a science and an art. There are strategic ways to come prepared to a deal that are somewhat universal while there are many other elements that require you to be able to think on your feet.

I’m happy to share with you my recent article from the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine on 5 Steps To Negotiating The Perfect Deal. The June 2014 issue has tons of great advice for both seasoned and amateur real estate investors that are looking to gain an edge in the market.

I highly recommend you get a copy of the June 2014 issue before it’s off the newsstands to catch some of the other helpful articles including:

  • Canada’s Top 10 Tax Friendly Towns
  • Reduce The Tax Bill On Your Primary Residence
  • Tips & Tricks To Succeed In Multi-Family Investing
  • How To Increase Cash Flow For Your Rental Property
  • And many more…

Can You Close The Deal?

When a product is priced and put on the shelf at your local department store, there is never any question of how much you will be paying once you get to the cash register. Real estate, however, is a totally different ball game. As we all know, the negotiation process is part of the process in every transaction in real estate, particularly here in North America.

For better or worse, negotiation is the essential part of the game. A smart seller expects it and a prepared buyer is ready to leverage it to maximize their value. Looking back on my past experiences, my most successful negotiations in real estate deals have relied on 5 steps:

  1. Determine your price threshold
  2. Start with the right first offer
  3. Figure out what your seller really wants
  4. Draw your line in the sand
  5. Be prepared to walk away

Click Here To Download The Full Article (PDF)

The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine is an extremely well written publication for people that want to get into real estate investing in Canada. Whenever a new issue hits my desk, it immediately becomes my weekend read. Despite my experience and extensive background in the industry, I still manage to get value when I pickup that magazine and read it cover-to-cover. All I’m looking for is a little tidbit from each of the articles that I can takeaway.

Highlights of The Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

  • Talks about the entire country
  • Contains property price guides and mortgage rates
  • Has a good balance of statistics, facts and philosophical writings to strengthen your real estate investing skills
  • Top notch, knowledgeable writers

Learn more about the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

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