How To Scale Great Service As Your Business Grows

scale great serviceMost businesses start off being run by tight knit teams led by the owners. With a high dependency on the owners, maintaining the level of great client service that comes with this business model can be difficult to maintain as the company grows. It’s important to maintain the level of service your clients have become accustomed to but how do you do that when you’re no longer the one on the front lines?

It makes sense that the owner starts off running the service end of the business in the beginning because they have lots of time on their hands. As you get busier, time becomes more and more scarce but you still need to make sure the clients are being serviced to the level that they are expecting.

1. Set Expectation Levels Accordingly

When it comes to expectation levels with clients, you should always set them lower and then achieve a higher-level of delivery than promised. Never do it the other way around. Don’t set expectations high and then achieve lower expectations because that’s what gets you into trouble. Work with the clients and set the expectations a little lower than what you think you can achieve so that it becomes easier to scale as you get busier.

2. Recognize When It’s Time To Get Help

Don’t be stubborn and assume you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way as the days start to get busier. To ensure that the ball is never dropped, you must recognize when your business needs somebody else to help provide the service you give to your clients..

3. It’s Not Just Who You Hire That Matters

It’s not just a matter of who you hire but what exactly you’re hiring that person for. This is where you need to work on your business and decide which parts of the business are important to you, aka the parts that you need to personally work on and service.

What parts of the business can other people handle for you?

As an owner, you might say all the background stuff is what the staff needs to deal with and you’re going to personally deal with all the front-end stuff such as dealing with clients directly. This way you can keep service at the level you want because it’s under your control and you can give up what doesn’t affect the client service.

4. Have Proper Training For New Staff

So you’ve grown to that next level where you’ve got to allow somebody else to provide that client service. Now what? It’s important to hire the right people but it’s also important to train them with the expectation you’ve set with your clients. If you’ve set an expectation that you’re going to respond to a client email in 24 hours and the person you hire says their expectation is 48 hours, then there is a disconnect in your business.

Educate the staff member or partner on the level of expectation you’ve setup with that client. What is the client’s expectation? If their expectation is to receive an email back in 48 hours then it’s no problem but if their expectation is a 4 hour turnaround time, it’s a big problem.

A little education and good training can go a long way to ensuring your staff knows how to achieve that success with your clients.

5. Realize That Nobody Can Be Perfect

Remember that no business follows everything perfectly. Every business is unique in the way it designs, builds and grows itself to the next level. This blog is meant to be very general in the sense that there’s not one business that will hit the mark exactly; I’m really just speaking in generalities.

When you think about a real business, there are so many more if’s, and’s or but’s. There are so many things going on that you can’t just nail it down to client service as to what determines why a business succeeds or fails.

There are some things you can control and other things you can’t control and you will have to learn to accept that. Juggling those unexpected circumstances and being able to adjust your client service through that process is truly what makes a successful business. It’s not about being a great service-oriented business…it’s about recognizing what you need to adjust and when in order to get your business to where you need it to be.

When you get that dialed in, you’ll have a successful business.



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