Every Manager’s Guide To Effective Interviewing Techniques

0471593591Recently I wrote about the different types of books I like to read: a fun, meaningless book for pleasure, a “light” business book and what I refer to as a textbook-style book. Interviewing and Selecting High Performers: Every Manager’s Guide To Effective Interviewing by Richard Beatty is closer to the textbook-style but it’s written in a very readable format.

It’s a book that I wouldn’t normally read but I’m going to be doing some interviewing this year for some of the senior leadership here at BDO and this book was recommended to me by a colleague. I have to say, I’m very impressed and I think just about anyone will benefit from reading this book.

Let’s get into the specifics…

Great For Interviewer & Interviewee

The author sets out a procedure for how to interview high performers and he lays out the entire process from start to finish – I really liked the format he used. There is no fluff and anybody that’s looking to be interviewed or conducting interviews should read this book because it will benefit both sides.

If you going for an interview, reading this book can create a massive advantage for you that can be the difference between you not getting the job and getting it.

The High Cost of Poor Selection

As a business owner or manager it’s easy to get too comfortable with the fact that people come and go and chalk it up to being a cost of doing business. All of the costs that can happen as a result of a poor selection – choosing the wrong person, having to get rid of the wrong person, having to go through the hiring process again – can become a very costly cycle and the author does a great job of laying out the TRUE cost of a poor hire.

I believe that is a really good starting point for anybody that is going to be doing interviewing for new employees. Do you know what the cost is of selecting the wrong person? When you know this you will be far more likely to put in the time to hire the right person.

A Model of a High Performer

Beatty covers some great interviewing techniques in the book and actually describes how to go through the entire process. What I especially enjoyed is how he modeled what a high performer actually is. I won’t let the cat out of the bag and tell you what that is – you’ll have to read the book to find out. Trust me, it’s the only way you’ll get real value.

The Ultimate Preparation Tool

The part of this book that will be incredibly valuable to interviewees is the 500 interview questions. For employers and managers – can you imagine having 500 pre-made questions that you can use in an interviewing process all laid out for you? Preparing for an interview will have never been so easy.

Conclusion: Thumbs Up

There are no cut corners in this book as Beatty literally goes through the actual interview process from top to bottom. He talks about everything from how to stage and run the interview itself as well as providing a candidate evaluation & selection model. This is a textbook by my definition but it’s an extremely well written one that will help anybody that is trying to be hired for a high performing position or anyone that is looking to hire a top performer at a high level.

Whether you are interviewing as a candidate for a position or an employer doing interviews put this book on your reading list!

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