9 Business Books That Will Change The Way You Do Business

ID-10063353Books are constantly changing. I believe in constantly educating myself and I strongly believe that great leaders should advocate continual education and have spoken about this in the past.

Below are my top choices for must-read business books, in no particular order. They are all great books that you can pick up quickly and get something out of fast. Pick them up for a weekend read and learn something about running a business, investing or becoming a better person to move you forward in life.

1. The E-Myth Revisited

This book is the basis for a lot of the systems that I advise on and use personally in my business. The E-Myth is one of the cornerstones of my philosophy in business and a true classic in every sense of the term. If there was one book I would recommend above all others, this is the one.


2. Think & Grow Rich

What can I say? Andrew Carnegie’s 1937 book remains a classic amongst entrepreneurs all over the world. Some might say it is the book that inspired the inspirational book movement that followed.

It’s somewhat of a tough read due to the fact it’s almost 80 years old and written in a completely different era but the nuggets of wisdom are undeniable (and plentiful). Think-and-grow-rich-COVER

3. Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes

Brett Wilson is famous for his spot on the hit TV show Dragon’s Den and being a huge energy mogul in Canada but few are aware of his true genius: marketing. Wilson reveals some of brilliant marketing methods he used along the way that made him a billionaire today.w_brett_wilson_book_cover_jason_stang

4. Instant Turnaround: Getting People Excited About Coming To Work & Working Hard

This is a really easy book to read about getting people excited to come and work hard for you. It’s written in a storybook format, making it very accessible to anyone that finds typical non-fiction books hard to get into. Highly recommended

instant turnaround

6. Decisions: Making The Right Ones, Righting The Wrong Ones

Jim Treliving’s story is a truly great success story. You’ll quickly realize how appropriate the book’s title is when you see how important Jim’s decision making skills have been in his journey to success. With many gold nuggets along the way and very little sugarcoating, this book will give any entrepreneur a fresh perspective they can bring to their business.jim treliving

7. The One Minute Manager

Ken Blanchard, the author of the critically acclaimed Who Moved My Cheese, brings a new addition to his collection of excellent business books with One Minute Manager. It’s another easy read in a storybook format that reveals three practical secrets to successfully managing people. images

8. Raving Fans

Here is another great one that I read recently by Ken Blanchard again. Raving Fans is all about customer service and how to turn your staff and customers into raving fans of what you’re doing for them by helping them move forward.56501

9. The Will To Win

This book is the follow up to Robert Herjavec’s bestseller, Driven: How To Succeed In Business and In Life. The co-star of the hit TV show Shark Tank dishes out advice to readers urging them to take more risks in business and take control of their lives while staying true to their vision.home-banner-robert-book

What Business Books Have Changed Your Life?

2014 is going to be an even bigger reading year for me so I’m hoping you can give me a few good suggestions for my reading list. Which books have really helped you breakthrough to the next level in either your business life or personal life? Let me know in the comments below.

One Response to 9 Business Books That Will Change The Way You Do Business

  • Jordan Pack says:

    Nice list of business books. I’m definitely going to check these out!

    To answer your question about other books, I have to drop the classic, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. It’s my favorite book and has opened me up to a bright world of how to properly interact with people.

    I am glad I found this website and It’s cool that you are from the Okanagan as well.

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