You Desperately Need To Align Your Vision With Your Business Strategy

business strategyIt’s surprising how often a vision gets confused with goal setting. As important as goal setting is, it is more important to establish a few fundamental truths about establishing a vision before even considering goal setting for your overall business strategy.

Who are you as a company? What are you trying to accomplish? Who do you want to be when you grow up?

That is your vision.

Yes, you can come up with a one or two-line paragraph that encompasses a “vision statement” – but I’m not talking about a vision statement. I’m talking about the very essence of your company – what your company truly aspires to be when it grows up.

A vision is bigger than a couple lines on a page.

To me your vision explains your values, clarifies your purpose, identifies your approach, is inspirational to employees and customers, is memorable … is everything. It’s not just some ultimate goal to be put on a wall and forgotten. It’s who you are.

Breaking Down Goals Into A Bigger Picture

Your goals should compound and work together to create that ultimate vision. It’s like taking tiny baby steps that move you closer towards the top of the mountain. I often see many people wanting to jump before they’re ready to walk and sacrificing their values along the way for small victories.

A major factor is if you are prepared to put in the work to get from A to B. It’s one thing to have a vision and a bunch of great goals but if you aren’t prepared to put in the work associated with getting there then you’re not going to get there.

It’s Not Supposed To Be Easy

I have a lot of clients that do multi-level marketing. The reason why a lot of people do multi-level marketing is because they think it’s going to be easy. They think that they are going to talk two friends who are going to tell two friends and all of a sudden they’re going to be wealthy. Their vision is simply to become wealthy and so they decide to choose multilevel marketing as their vehicle to get there.

Of course most of them come back to me in a few months when it doesn’t pan out and when I ask what happened they say, “Well, I told my two friends and they didn’t tell their two friends.”

On the other hand, I also have clients who do multi-level marketing that are extremely successful because when they put out their vision and values while realizing that they needed to help other people become successful before they could too. That takes time but it’s possible.

A Vision Is Nothing Without Action

I used multi-level marketing as an example but really the same thing goes in “mainstream” business. If you put out your vision but aren’t prepared to do the work to achieve it, a vision is really just some fluffy, unachievable statement.

For this reason it’s important to make sure your goals are also aggressively achievable. They should be “out there” but also realistic. I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade but you do need to make sure your goal is realistic and then work towards it.

If You Know Who You Are, You Know Where You’re Going

When I think about creating a vision and why it is important, I think of one thing. If you know who you are, you’ll be more empowered to choose the right path along the way. When your smaller goals, major milestones and core values align with your vision, you have a true recipe for success in business.

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