Creating The Proper Structure For Your Real Estate Portfolio

photo 2This month’s issue of the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine (August 2013) has a special feature on structuring your real estate portfolio that could save you thousands of dollars. This is a topic that I’ve personally covered on my blog but this article goes into a bit more depth to help you understand how your investment structure affects your cash flow and taxation amounts.

A few topics discussed in this article include:

  • Creating a structure that holds your properties in a way that creates the least amount of taxation possible
  • Considerations with joint venture partners
  • Eliminate or reduce unnecessary risk
  • Avoid painful losses

Get out to your local magazine rack and pick up this month’s issue of the Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine while it’s still on shelves. There are phenomenal articles in this edition that will help you get the most out of your investments, learn how to find investment-grade properties and develop habits that will make you a successful and wealth real estate investor.

Insider Knowledge on Canadian Real Estate Investing

I have been praising the quality of the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine long before I became a contributor and I’m proud to say that this month’s issue stands confidently among the excellent issues that came before it. The writers that contribute to the magazine are all individuals who have deep experience in the industry with impressive gains to back up their credibility.

I’m also a big advocate for continual learning and make the time each month when the new issue arrives to sit down and read it cover-to-cover, a true rarity with magazines these days. Look past my personal bias of being a contributor this month and pick yourself up a copy of the latest Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine if you are serious about making an income from real estate investing.

Visit the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine website

Here is a brief preview of an article from this month’s issue:

photo 1

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