Overcoming Personality Barriers Within Your Team

A good Kelowna accountant can help you grow your businessNo two people are exactly alike but there are a few categories we fall into that can help us understand how to function better within a team. Personality testing has become excellent for this and has really picked up a lot of steam in the corporate world in the past decade or so.

One thing that we’ve done with our team is that we put team members at different levels through some personality testing and one of those reports we use is called a Kolbe report. It’s basically a personality test and we even use it with some of our clients as well.

Opposites Attract In Businesskelowna accountant

We recently had a client who was looking at bringing on a partner who was a key employee that had been very successful in his role. The owner really needed somebody to focus on the details when working on jobs; things like making sure their bids were accurate and the general fine-tuning of the business because the existing owner was looking for the next big project.

Before they decided to work together as partners, we put them both through the Kolbe test to find out their personality’s strengths and weaknesses. Improvements can always be made but this helped us measure things that could not be changed about them.

It was really interesting to see the results because they realized that it wasn’t the best way to go and didn’t end up becoming partners. They both shared the same strengths and the same weaknesses, not a good match for a successful partnership!

Is The Problem Truly Underperformance?

Based on their personality, you might realize an underperforming employee is actually just in the wrong role. Once you figure out what that is then you can move them into a role they will excel in.

Some people might be discouraged because these personality tests cost time and money.

Here’s the reality of it: hiring the wrong people, putting them in the wrong positions and spending time and money until you actually figure that out costs a lot more in the end.

Are You A Quick Starter or Detail-Oriented?kelowna accountant

It’s really important to figure out whom on your team are the “Quick starters” and which ones are the more detail-oriented. Quick starters get an idea and want to implement immediately but the opposite end of the spectrum needs a bit more data before they’re ready to pull the trigger.

Detail oriented people need to know the facts; they need to know how it’s going to be figured out and the steps that will get it done. While that is going on quick starters will wonder why it isn’t done yet!

Communicating Beyond Words

We tend to work with a lot of people who are very visual. If it’s a client, we might take their numbers for the year and put them in a chart so we can discuss where we are going next rather then handing them a bunch of dry financial statements that they’ve already seen.

That said, not all of our staff or clients are visual learners so we have to adapt to that as managers and owners. Some people need to have constant verbal feedback or need to actually do something themselves before they can internalize it. Whatever the case, you need to know your audience.

If it doesn’t work the first time you need to make sure you’re adaptable because not everyone is going to be like you…and that’s perfectly fine. Teams thrive when there are a variety of people with different skill sets, as long as you know how your personality functions within it.

Here are a couple notable personality tests worth looking into:

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