Good Stress Vs. Bad Stress & Why It’s Good To Have Both

stick figure business man wearing suit slouched over the word stressEverybody is stressed these days. Whether it’s personal stress or business stress…we’re all feeling it. This is especially true when you’re by yourself in business!

A frequent problem I witness is that a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have outlets to relieve their pent up stress. I’m not a psychologist but we’re always going to have stress…my belief is that it’s about having the right amount and the right kind of stress.

We just finished wrapping up what is the busiest part of the year in my industry and the perception from those around me can sometimes be that things are no longer busy because tax season is over. Unfortunately, that’s not really correct because we move between one busy season to another and are usually playing a little bit of catch up along the way.

If I am serving clients as I should be, it truly is a constant busy season…not just for me but also for any growing business.

Good Stress Vs. Bad Stress

When tax season is over, some people expect me to be golfing every day because my stress is over. The truth is, there are always other things creating additional stress that get piled up during tax busy season that get carried through.

To deal with the stress, everybody has to come up with their own solutions. For most people, the best way to deal with stress is through some type of physical activity.

I always sign up for the Vancouver Marathon or half-marathon when coming up to tax season. The reason I do this is because I’m forced to train. It makes me go out and train for this event by signing up and paying my money. I won’t let that money go away without working towards it.

Doesn’t that add more stress?

Yes…but I would call that GOOD stress as opposed to bad stress.

Building A Reliable Routine

I make sure that I stick to some level of a routine as much as possible. The higher my stress level, the more I need to get back into a routine. The routine for myself is going to the gym, spending time with my family on designated “family days” and golfing.

The other thing I’ve added back into my routine is reading. I find that when I read, technical or otherwise, it reduces the stress that I have and makes it easier to deal with whatever is going on in my life.

The other huge thing is nutrition. When you get busy and stressed out, it’s easy to start skipping meals and not eat properly. What I’ve tried to do is come up with meals that allow me to eat regularly and easily so I don’t have to think about them.

Both my wife and I work so it’s difficult for us to plan our dinners and lunches. Coming up with systems for our meals has reduced our stress and forces us to eat better and move forward while alleviating the spike in stress levels.

If you think this doesn’t have to do with business then think again because you need to be present mentally and physically to make the best decisions.

Whether you are stressed out, personally or business-wise, you can’t let your clients know that. You have to be in a good enough position within your body and stress management to not let that flow out to your clients because if they feel your stress, why are they going to come to see you?

Stress will always be there so just know that you have to deal with it and deal with it in the fashion that works for you.

Whatever you do, just don’t ignore it.


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