Instant Turnaround: Getting Your Employees Excited To Come To Work

instant turnaround

Instant Turnaround – Getting People Excited About Coming To Work & Working Hard

I felt that my last book review received great feedback so I’m back with another after I recently finished Instant Turnaround: Getting People Excited About Coming To Work And Working Hard by Harry Paul and Ross Wreck. Harry Paul is famous for his previous work co-authoring the smash bestseller Fish! A Proven Way To Boost Morale & Improve Results and this new book definitely hits the mark on expanding the concepts that made Fish so successful.

I’ve used this book a lot recently when dealing with clients as I’ve had many people coming in to ask me what they can do about the fact the economy is so bad. Businesses aren’t able to give raises but need to figure out an effective way to increase the morale of their staff.

The concept of this book is so easy that anyone can do it but very few actually do. Basically, the goal is to make the employees excited about coming to work everyday – a task that any manager knows is easier said than done.

The authors break the book into a few major steps and I will quickly cover them while describing why I believe they are important.

Step 1: Focus On The People As Much As The Numbers

How many of us in management or as owners analyze the numbers or constantly review the numbers before checking in with our team? Numbers are very important but they are not everything.

Focus on the people who are creating those numbers rather than just the numbers alone. That’s really important for every business, no questions asked.

Step 2: Motivate With Trust Instead of Fear

instant turnaround

It’s all too common to see management trying to motivate staff through fear and by demanding better performance. It always tends to be a real negative methodology of managing people and a lot of it stems from step one…focusing too much on the numbers!

Build trust with your staff and make sure you care about the people that work for you. You should actually be interested in the people that work for you and consistently working to show your appreciation. Go that extra mile and make sure your staff knows that you’re there for them and they will be there for you whenever you need it.

Step 3: Turn Work Into Fun

If you go on a vacation and you’re sick but you focus on the vacation, you’ll forget you are sick. If you go on the vacation focused on the sickness, you’re going to have an unpleasant vacation. It’s the same with work. When you’re having fun, you tend not to focus on the negatives.

If coming to work is fun then you’re going to be more productive and everyone will come out at a higher level.

Step 4: Senior Management Must Execute With Frontline Staff

You might often cross paths with those in senior management that feel they shouldn’t have to worry about people since that’s the office manager’s job. As a senior individual in the organization, you must be involved with your people and if you don’t then no one else will.

When I look at this concept, it’s so simple. It’s that old cliché: treat people the way you want to be treated.

As the owner, walk out on the floor to talk to managers, employees and other frontline staff and spend some time with them. Focus on the people regularly, not just the numbers. You still need the numbers to ensure your business is successful but remember it’s your people who create those numbers.

Highly Recommendedinstant turnaround

That basically sums up my perspective on Instant Turnaround. I think it’s a great book that’s an easy read for anyone with its storybook-style format. I highly recommend it so definitely consider picking it up whether you are a manager, senior management, owner or a motivated employee.

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