Reducing Red Tape In Canada: Is Your Business Wrapped Up In Red Tape?

reducing red tapeWhether or not you are a business owner, there is a good chance you have heard a lot of buzz around reducing red tape in Canada lately due to recent efforts by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). Fortunately British Columbia got top marks on the red tape report card, the only province to receive an A rating throughout the entire report.

Dan Kelly is one of the key CFIB executives responsible for representing the interests of their impressive 108,000 member base. Here is an excerpt from his recent editorial in the Financial Post describing the struggle he’s personally witnessed when speaking with business owners across the country:

Small business owners know that every society needs its share of rules, but they also recognize too many regulations kill jobs, businesses and dreams. Red tape costs the Canadian economy more than $31-billion a year — equivalent to the annual food bill for 4.1 million households.

Particularly concerning is a recent CFIB finding that 31% of Canadian entrepreneurs might not have gone into business in the first place had they known about the regulatory burden. It makes you wonder how many businesses never get started because would-be entrepreneurs think to themselves: “It’s just not worth it.”

I don’t claim to know much about reducing red tape for businesses but it’s certainly a relevant topic to be discussing. Regulatory burden is a negative consequence from a seemingly good intention, but a burden nonetheless. I’m less interested in leaving my personal commentary on this discussion and more interested to hear about your personal experiences in business dealing with red tape.

Is the government doing everything they can to effectively be reducing red tape in Canada? If not, be specific and let us know how you think it can be fixed. This topic requires substantial collaboration among Canadian business owners so make sure you are participating in the conversation somehow.

Read the full Red Tape Report Card from CFIB here and if their goals align with yours, consider signing their petition for reducing red tape here.

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