How The Seasons Can Affect Your Business

kelowna accountantObviously it depends on where you are, but do the seasons affect your business? The answer is yes, they certainly do.

There are seasonal businesses and there is the seasonality of businesses but either way, you really need to take the seasons into consideration or else you might start making bad business decisions. I’ll use Kelowna as an example…


Understanding The Right Time To Promotekelowna accountant

In Kelowna, in the months of July and August, business is very difficult to move forward. There are a lot of people taking vacation or hosting those that use Kelowna as their vacation destination. It’s nice and sunny outside and people are out enjoying themselves. As you know a business transaction requires more than one individual. Trying to get a group of individuals to move a project forward during the July/August season is very difficult because of this and you need to be aware of it as a business owner in Kelowna.

If you’re planning to do an activity or move a project forward in Kelowna, if you can, move it outside of that period of time. Try to do it before July or move it to September and get it done then.

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The Holiday Seasonkelowna accountant

Another prevalent cycle is the Christmas holiday season. How much work is done in the last two weeks of December? Don’t try to setup a big splash for general business during that period of time.

That being said, if you’re in retail, when do you do your big splash? It’s known that there is a huge sales component that occurs before and after Christmas right up to New Year’s Eve. Don’t expect to be a retail business and stay closed and/or not have significant sales. It’s the expectation of the season.


Evaluating & Analyzing

kelowna accountantObviously there is a lot of seasonality in a lot of different businesses. Let’s go back to somebody that is running a seasonal type business. After your season is completed, what do you need to do? You need to evaluate how the season went. What went right and what went wrong? Plan things during the right times of the year and be around during your busy seasons.

Take that week after you shut down for the season and evaluate how it went for the year. Yes, you’ll be tired and exhausted but that’s the time that you’ll be sharp on what occurred during that period of time.

You should analyze that information before making any changes. Then go enjoy your vacation so you can rest before coming back recharged and ready to make the changes that your business requires.

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Implementing Changes

Work through your changes and make sure they’re okay. Make sure to plan leading up to your next busy season with the right amount of employees and the right people in place so that you’re dealing with the seasonal movement of the sales for your business.

Identifying how your environment, the seasons, seasonality, staff and customers impact your business can help you to ensure that each year is more successful than the previous one in your business.



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